How Restaurateurs Can Utilize Mobile Technology

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Chef Holding Mobile

Restaurateurs are faced with the need to evolve every time there’s an
advancement in technology, and this seems constant in mobile technology.  The tables for restaurants don’t necessarily
need to come equipped with self-pay point-of-sale systems like some major
chains provide, but keeping up with the following mobile-related technologies
can go a long way in improving the customer experience.

Link Up With Smartphone Apps
If at all possible, a restaurateur should integrate smartphone apps
into their customer experience. Many
eateries actually have their own apps, but this isn’t necessary to keep the
restaurant furnishings full of patrons. Instead, get signed up with apps like Dash, Cover, and Settle. These allow patrons to pay their bills with
their mobile devices rather than pulling out their cash or cards.

Similarly, signing up with apps like Caviar and Seamless can also be a
huge benefit for restaurateurs. These
allow individuals to order their food via their mobile devices, and they can
pick it up shortly thereafter. Though
the tables for restaurants might not stay full this way, it will undoubtedly
bring in new business from those who simply don’t like eating out.

Offer Free Wi-Fi Access
Many restaurateurs don’t see offering free Wi-Fi access as a good
investment, but in reality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. What’s better than friends sitting at the pub
table and chairs enjoying a few drinks while discussing which movie star has
the largest Kevin Bacon Number? Doing
all of this with the ability to easily look up the Bacon Number, obviously.

Offering free Wi-Fi will definitely improve guest experiences, but some
studies have also shown that those who use Wi-Fi while at a restaurant will end
up spending more money there. Additionally, it will undoubtedly attract new customers who don’t feel
like wasting their mobile data while out on the town. The benefits of offering this service far
outweigh the costs.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile
It’s also important for restaurateurs to make their websites
mobile-friendly to improve guest relations. Many individuals like to find information on a restaurant, such as menu
items, contact number, store hours and address, while out and about. Unfortunately, if a restaurant’s website
isn’t optimized for viewing on mobile devices, many potential customers will
get frustrated and move on to a restaurant whose site is easily viewable on a

Additionally, search engines place higher value on websites that have
taken the time to be mobile-friendly. This will increase a restaurant website’s SEO value, and as anyone who
has been in business for any amount of time can attest, ranking highly on
search engines is invaluable.

Creating a great ambiance, picking out the right tables for restaurants and
having a good menu are all vital to a successful dining establishment, but
staying up to date with technology is just as important. Mobile technology is here to stay whether
restaurateurs are ready or not, and those who don’t work within this new
reality will quickly find themselves falling behind their more forward-thinking