How Restaurateurs Can Speed Up Their Service

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Every business owner knows that time is money, and when it comes to
getting restaurant furniture full, there are a variety of time-intensive
concerns to take into account. This
means making sure servers aren’t on the clock longer than necessary, ensuring
supplies are ordered on time, and restaurateurs spending every free moment
making their eatery a success. Of
course, one of the biggest concerns is speedy service, and by utilizing the
following tips, a restaurant can ensure their patrons stay happy.

Where Things Slow Down
There are a variety of methods for speeding up restaurant service, but
it’s often difficult to pull this off effectively if the owner doesn’t know
where the holdup is coming from. If it
has taken someone sitting at a bar table an hour to get their food, there are a
variety of issues that could have occurred. The server might have forgotten to put in the order, or the kitchen
could have been backed up.

These types of issues will undoubtedly happen occasionally. After all, no employee is perfect. If the same issue consistently occurs,
though, the establishment’s restaurant furniture could soon be left empty. Pinpoint the issues that are slowing things
down and work towards correcting them.

Need the Right Equipment
The best servers and cooks in the world can’t make up for not having
the appropriate tools for the task at hand. If an eatery is dead five days of the week and then sees a huge spike on
the weekend, they need to have commercial restaurant equipment capable of
handling those peak hours.

If this investment isn’t made, the peak hours will always be marred by
slowdowns and upset customers. This can
prove especially detrimental when several patrons take to review sites to share
their experience of how long it took their food to arrive.

Enough Staff on Hand
When governments are spending too much money, they often look to reduce
personnel to save a few dollars. In the
restaurant industry, though, this can result in a great reduction in the speed
and quality of service.

Never make the mistake of skimping on staff. It might seem like employees can deal with
overwhelming amounts of work, and at times, servers may even enjoy it since
their tip amounts could go up. Unfortunately, things will invariably slow down. Always make sure the right people are hired,
and have enough on hand to keep things running smoothly.

Communication Skills
One of the quickest ways to slow things down is having a breakdown of
communication. If the hostess alerts the
kitchen as soon as a party of 10 shows up, however, they can better prepare for
the influx of orders to come. If the
manager lets the hostess know that the kitchen is backed up, said hostess can
create a wait list or have patrons sit at the bar to wait instead of at the
restaurant booths. Communication is key.

Speedy service is essential in
just about every industry, but in the restaurant world, a slow establishment
can quickly result in reduced revenue. That’s why any culinary entrepreneur hoping to keep their restaurant
furniture full must consistently focus on maintaining speedy service.