How Restaurateurs Can Make Customers For Life

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Happy Diners

success of a business in any industry depends largely on whether or not they
can satisfy their customers, but in the restaurant industry, it’s really the
only factor that decides success. This
is why restaurateurs have to strive to ensure every customer is happy. After all, negative word of mouth can really
hurt a local eatery. Fortunately, there
are a few methods that restaurant owners can use to make guests so happy that
they’ll become lifelong customers.

on Social Media
restaurant owners are content with simply filling the cafe table and chairs in
their establishment, but most have come to realize that they need a social
media presence too. Unfortunately, some
believe that this means just posting a picture of food every so often and
offering a discount once in a while. In
reality, it’s the interactions that take place on these pages that can really
get people at the bar tables.

imperative to pay attention to comments on social media posts and pages. If someone comments on how great their
experience was, thank them and explain how it was a joy to have them stop by. If someone complains, don’t simply delete the
complaint. Comment and fix the
problem. When potential guests see this,
they’re more likely to come in, and those who posted on the page in the first
place will automatically know that their opinion matters.

Guests to New Dishes
people are content with getting one of the same three dishes every time they go
to a particular restaurant, but this means they’ll never get a chance to taste
the other amazing fare offered. Fortunately, there’s a way to overcome this while creating a customer
for life: offer free samples.

sitting at a restaurant waiting for a steak to come out, and suddenly the
manager shows up with an appetizer, specialty taco, sushi roll or any other
menu item and says "Compliments of the chef." Guests will obviously be ecstatic about
getting something for free, and since this rarely happens, it’ll definitely
stick out in their minds forever.

Employees Amazingly
employees aren’t treated well, they’re not going to treat customers well. It’s always stressful trying to get a restaurant
off the ground and maintain its success. This shouldn’t, however, be taken out on the staff—because in the end,
it only gets taken out on the customer.

‘Mystery Diners’
best way to understand if a guest is really enjoying their experience or not is
to get into their head. Unfortunately,
this is impossible. The next best thing,
however, is to hire a ‘mystery diner’ every so often. These individuals act as undercover agents
who come in and pretend to be customers, and once they’re finished, they report
their experience to the owner.

restaurateur can do absolutely everything right, but if they have one employee
who is ruining guests’ experiences, it can drag down the entire
establishment. A restaurant packed with
cafe tables and chairs can quickly become empty if customers are leaving
dissatisfied, but having a few mystery diners roll through can quickly get to
the bottom of this.

the end, it may be quite a task to gain and keep customers for the long
haul. All of this work, however, pays
off with increased revenue.