How Restaurateurs Can Improve Their Business Right Now

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Restaurant Wifi

Some eateries are so great that patrons are willing to occupy the outdoor restaurant furniture even during colder months.  Others may just be bouncing back from a slew of negative reviews on Yelp.  Regardless, there are several ways that the owners of these establishments can improve their business right away.  By just doing a few of these, a restaurant can immediately start improving.

Start Offering Free Wi-Fi

Even if a restaurant doesn’t fancy itself a hip coffee house with classy bistro chairs, offering free Wi-Fi will still benefit the establishment and bring in new clientele.  Restaurateurs shouldn’t just turn on the wireless and be done with it, though; they need to make it an advertising point.  Announcements on social media and signs at the entryway will let people know that the eatery just made their lives a bit simpler.

Take a Look at the Menu
Many of the most successful restaurants have one thing in common:  they periodically change their menus.  While patrons may not notice, these changes aren’t made arbitrarily.  Restaurateurs review their menus to see what is selling well and where they’re wasting money.  

Additionally, current restaurant trends, such as a move towards healthier foods and smaller portions, dictate that the menu be updated every so often.  By making simple changes to available dishes, a restaurant might just turn into one of the aforementioned eateries where the outdoor restaurant furniture is full year-round.

Get Involved in the Community
While this may not improve the quality of a restaurant, getting involved in the local community can definitely improve the business’s image in their locale.  More and more people are looking to frequent businesses that have a social conscience, and this is just as true in the restaurant industry as in any other.

The onsite restaurant chair and table, for instance, isn’t the only place a potential patron could discover their favorite dish.  Many eateries donate food to local fundraising events to help out great causes.  A restaurateur could also sponsor a local kids’ sports team or event meant to raise awareness for a needed cure.  Either way, the surrounding community will take notice.

Teach Servers How to Improve Tips
The turnover rate of servers in some restaurants is depressing to say the least.  Many young professionals and individuals who have been in the industry for years become disillusioned with their jobs when they don’t make the tips they were expecting.  This often leads to subpar performance, which affects the patron experience, and ends up with servers moving on to new endeavors.

By teaching new servers how to earn better tips, though, rather than just the rules of the restaurant, owners can keep their servers and guests happier.  Make sure employees know building rapport with customers can land them huge tips, and keeping people updated with information if things are going slow in the kitchen can go a long way in keeping patrons happy.  Upselling can also increase tips, so make sure this is a key lesson in training.

From eateries with vintage outdoor restaurant furniture to those with trivia-machine-equipped bar tables, every eatery could benefit from some kind of improvement.  Fortunately, this doesn’t have to become a federal case.  By making a few simple changes, any restaurant can increase their stock in the local community.