How Restaurateurs Can Create Local Community Partnerships

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Restaurant Community

could get by easier with a little help from their friends, and this holds true
for restaurants just as much as it does for individuals. In fact, a room full of empty bistro chairs
could likely be remedied just by knowing who to work with in the local
community. By taking a bit of incentive,
restaurant owners can mold local partnerships that equate to more patronage and
thus higher profits.

Sponsoring Local
partnerships are built upon a quid pro quo type of relationship, so it may seem
counterintuitive to just start giving away money to local organizations. This belief, though, is folly. Sponsoring local organizations, such as
nearby schools or community art exhibitions, isn’t something that’s done
privately. There are usually
announcements and even media coverage when this happens.

of this equates to getting noticed in the local area, and that’s the
cornerstone of local marketing. People
who may have never heard of a restaurant before will suddenly become
interested. And since consumers are
willing to spend more money at socially responsible businesses, this is a great
way to get people at the bar tables. It
should also not be forgotten that some of these sponsorships or donations are

Choosing Strategic
Business Partnerships
not all local partnerships will involve spending money. There are a variety of local businesses that
can help promote an eatery free of charge. Local motels, for instance, are usually more than happy to place menus
and business cards from area restaurants at their front desks.

car rental agencies will sometimes keep restaurant marketing materials in their
lobbies. Since they usually serve people
from out of town, having information on local eateries is a great benefit to
their traveling customers. When it comes
to filling up bistro chairs with the help of local businesses, it just comes
down to choosing logical partnerships.

Attending Local Events
restaurateur might not be able to carry all the equipment for restaurant dining
to area events, but simply having a presence is a great way to build
relationships. Whether it’s a local
music festival or simply a monthly gathering in the downtown area, having a
booth, food truck or other presence allows restaurateurs to meet local business

new relationships can be nurtured, built upon and used to get new patrons
through the doors. Additionally, the
events serve as a great marketing opportunity. People who may have never eaten at a restaurant before will have a
chance to try its featured cuisine. In
the end, this could land a new customer at the brick-and-mortar location.

someone sitting in every bistro chair and restaurant booth can be a difficult
task. Unfortunately, some restaurateurs
make this even more difficult by going at it alone. As with everything else in life, teamwork
makes the world a little more friendly for restaurants. And with the right partnerships, it’s easy to
create plenty of positive buzz for an eatery.