How Restaurateurs Can Compete With Cheap Restaurants

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Bistro Food

excited patrons into the pub table and chairs in a restaurant is difficult
enough, but when a nearby eatery implements business practices that allow them
to sell their dishes for excessively low prices, things get even more
Whether the other restaurant
is dangerously cutting certain corners or simply doesn’t have much overhead,
the problem is the same.
Luckily, there
are ways to compete with these cheap dining experiences.

Social Media Like a Boss
that offer extremely low food prices are only able to do so because they save
money in other areas.
Usually, this
means they don’t have much time or the resources to build and cultivate a
substantial social media following.
That’s why a low-cost eatery like Cook Out, which has locations in at
least eight states, doesn’t even have double the followers of New York City’s
Per Se restaurant.

time to create shareable content, and when these posts aren’t going up, share memes,
videos and useful content from non-competitors to keep fans engaged.
Additionally, post quality images of the best
dishes, patrons having fun at the bar tables and even employees enjoying their
By keeping social media strong,
it’s easy to stand tall against low-cost alternatives.

Cut the Corners on Good Food
are two types of people in the world: those who want good, and those who want
Fortunately, many people fall
into the "good" category when it comes to the food they eat.
While it may be appealing to walk up to a
window, purchase a greasy burger and go about their day, many individuals would
prefer sitting at pub tables and chairs and waiting for a quality meal to come

on making every dish spectacular.
it’s important to note that the younger generations want social responsibility
from the companies they do business with.
If a restaurateur uses locally grown foods, provides organic choices and
participates in community events, Millennials will flock to their eatery.

a Customer Loyalty Program
it turns out, having a customer loyalty program in place can do several things
for a restaurant.
From filling all the
restaurant dining tables on a typically slow night to keeping the best patrons
coming back for more, the benefits are seemingly never ending.
As it turns out, doing this will also help
combat against nearby restaurants with one-dollar hamburgers.

is because these other restaurants can’t really afford customer loyalty
And really, how much of an
incentive is "Buy five $1 burgers, get your 6th $1 burger free"?
Thanks to customer loyalty programs, eateries
that have to charge more to cover their restaurant supplier and other costs can
keep people coming in, even when others have cheaper choices.

a perfect world, consumers would focus solely on quality, and the introduction
of a cheap competitor wouldn’t account for much.
Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live
When it comes to keeping an eatery’s
pub tables and chairs full, though, a restaurateur doesn’t have to succumb to
outside pressure from low-quality establishments.