How Restaurateurs Can Bring in Higher-End Patrons

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Wine Glasses

a restaurateur wants their eatery to be viewed as a place sporting bistro
chairs rather than picnic tables, they have to take active measures to class up
the place and bring in higher-end clientele.
Patrons who demand the finer things in life are willing to spend more
money, and while a restaurant owner doesn’t have to completely remodel the
place, there are a few steps they can take to bring in these guests.

on Customer Service
matter what’s going on in a restaurant on any given day, the focus should
always be on customer service.
don’t expect much from low-end restaurants, and leaving McDonald’s with the
wrong order usually comes as no surprise.
If a restaurateur wants people who aren’t afraid to spend money, though,
they need to focus on exemplary customer service each time.

everything is running smoothly, offer a few patrons a free drink.
If orders are backed up because the
restaurant supplier delivered late, make sure guests know this and are compensated
in some fashion.
Developing a reputation
for happy customers will bring in people willing to pay more for a great

Food Deserves a Quality Price
occasional discounts is a good way to fill up an eatery’s bistro chairs, but
quality food shouldn’t be shortchanged.
The meal that a person enjoys is often what they most remember about
their dining experience.
In some cases,
they even think about it the next day as they’re enjoying leftovers.

that food, much like customer service, is an integral part of the
And if patrons enjoy that
experience, they’ll pay more.
doesn’t mean small hamburgers should be priced at $15, but if a meal is high
quality and is relatively expensive to make, the price should reflect that.

the Marketing Message Match
booths aren’t going to fill up with high-paying guests if the eatery’s
marketing message isn’t on point.
it’s okay to post a variety of things on social media, a restaurateur seeking
to evolve should always gear their messages towards this goal.

articles about high-end restaurant trends.
Post images of the most delectable dishes on the menu. Take a moment to provide recipes for
expensive dishes.
Just make sure trade
secrets aren’t being given out, and classy patrons will still find a reason to
show up.

Special Perks for the Best Patrons
it’s smart for every eatery to have a customer loyalty program in place, it
never hurts to provide special perks for patrons who play a large part in
keeping the place going.
Whether it’s a
local businessman who brings in important clients every week or a college
student who orders a steak every day after class, slide a little something
their way.

this could be as easy as setting up a "premium" customer loyalty
Maybe even offer special guests
a discount on catering services.
As long
as the most special patrons are treated as such, they’ll surely keep occupying
those bistro chairs and likely attract other great guests as well.

nothing wrong with having a hot dog and burger shack that attracts those trying
to save a buck.
For restaurateurs who
want to earn the term "fancy," though, or at least get close, these
tips should help.