How Restaurants Can Use Birthdays as Marketing Tools

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Restaurant Customers

are a time of joy and celebration when they come around, and countless
restaurateurs have turned this truth into an incredible marketing tool. From consumers wanting to eat out on their
birthdays to the fact that celebrations at restaurants are often in groups,
there are numerous reasons birthday marketing is such a huge deal. By utilizing the following tips,
restaurateurs can consistently fill up the bar tables.

Create a Restaurant Birthday
Times’ guests receive a free meal and show ticket when their birthday rolls
around, and this serves to keep people committed to coming back. Additionally, the birthday boy or girl’s
friends will have to pay full price to attend the celebration. These are only two of the benefits of
offering a birthday club.

if patrons don’t want to divulge too much information, they’ll gladly give
their email address and birth date for a free meal. Have sign-up cards in the restaurant or provide
a way to sign up online, and the cafe tables will frequently be filled with
celebrating guests.

Promote Birthday Deals On
restaurateurs who don’t actively use Facebook ads have a small idea of how they
work. By dropping a few dollars every so
often, it’s possible to target specific subsets of the population with Facebook
posts. What most people don’t realize,
though, is that people with upcoming birthdays can be targeted as well. 

the "Life Events" section in Facebook Ads, users can select
"Upcoming birthday." It’s then
possible to get even more specific by targeting individuals in certain locales
or with specific interests. When making
these targeted ads, come up with a great discount that will really put those
pub tables and chairs to good use.

Celebrate the
Restaurateur’s Birthday
birthday marketing idea doesn’t have to fall on a guest’s birthday. In fact, many restaurateurs offer great
promotions and market them as their own birthday celebration. After all, it’s not uncommon to have
difficulty coming up with promotional ideas, and this opens a new
opportunity. Doing a huge push on social
media and hanging up flyers to promote the upcoming celebration will surely get
people at the cafe tables.

Consider Direct Mailers
mailers may not seem like the ideal way to bring people in on their birthdays—after
all, what are the chances they’ll receive the mailer around their big day? As it turns out, though, every day in
America, over 800,000 people celebrate a birthday.

someone receives a mailer, their birthday could be coming up, or they may have
a friend who will soon celebrate. And
since people usually go out in groups on their birthdays, even snagging a few
birthday celebrators will result in several groups coming in.

wants to go out on their birthday, and if a restaurateur handles this type of
marketing right, it’s their cafe tables that will land the annual
celebration. As evidenced by the
aforementioned methods, marketing to people on their birthdays is one of the
simplest things a restaurant owner can do.