How Restaurants Can Develop Loyalty Among Millennials

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Several studies have shown that brand loyalty among Millennials is very high. Considering the fact that these young adults recently surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America, the brand loyalty aspect has huge implications. While bringing in bistro chairs and fancy coffees might attract this young generation, there are a variety of simpler ways that restaurants can build brand loyalty among Millennials.

Make Them Part of the Process
Millennials are often more interested in the experience than the product. Restaurateurs should take advantage of this by including these young adults in every way possible. Setting up a contest that requires photos of their meal being posted to Instagram, for example, will appeal to Millennials and act as a marketing technique.

Additionally, some eateries would do well by setting up a few bistro chairs in a back corner of the restaurant and hosting a cooking class periodically. It’s also a great idea to get people involved in philanthropic activities via Facebook. Not only will Millennials enjoy feeling like they’re a part of something, but they really admire companies that focus on social responsibility.

Long story short? Those restaurant booths will be packed in no time with Millennials who keep coming back.

Offer Healthier Options
When a budding entrepreneur is buying their commercial restaurant equipment, they’re not usually doing so just to serve a bunch of young adults salad. Fortunately, salad isn’t the only healthy dish out there. Vegan options, farm fresh meat, local produce and even fish entrees are all appealing and healthy. Millennials want to be loyal to a brand, and if a restaurant hopes to pull this off, they need to offer what these patrons really want.

Focus on Digital Advertising
There are a variety of marketing tactics out there, but Millennials are more likely to focus on digital messages. In fact, over half of the Millennial population says television commercials really do nothing to attract them to a business.

The first step to accomplishing brand loyalty among Millennials is talking their language, and their language is digital. If culinary entrepreneurs aren’t focused on this, those bistro chairs likely won’t get much use.

Provide Mobile Ordering
Older Millennials were the first generation to get introduced to cell phones at an early age, and their younger counterparts were the first to grow up surrounded by the technology. This put them on the forefront of technology, and they want to take advantage of that in every way possible. This is why providing mobile ordering is so essential.

It’s not necessary for a restaurant to create its own app for online and mobile ordering. There are a variety of third-party companies, such as MenuDrive and Grubhub, that already provide this service. More companies are joining the fray every week, so restaurateurs need only sign up with these services to start providing mobile ordering.

Considering the size of the Millennial population, it would be reckless for restaurateurs to not build brand loyalty among the group. Fortunately, there’s no need to throw out the restaurant booths for bistro chairs. As it turns out, the aforementioned tips will do just fine.