How Restaurants Can Boost Website Traffic With Instagram

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September of 2015, Instagram surpassed Twitter in unique users when it hit the
400 million benchmark. This means using
the social media platform has become vital, and this is especially the case for
new entrepreneurs trying to fill chairs for a restaurant. This photo/video sharing platform offers a
variety of benefits for restaurateurs, and if utilized correctly, it can even
help drive traffic to the eatery’s website.

Make the Bio Link Count
bio box offers business owners the ability to share a single link on their
page. Obviously, a restaurateur will
want to ensure there’s a link here to drive traffic to their site. And while posting the website’s homepage may
seem like the common-sense thing to do, it’s definitely not helping to drive
much traffic back to the restaurant’s site.

there should be some form of call to action. If a restaurant owner is giving away a free appetizer to everyone who
signs up for the email list, something like "Get your appetizer on the
house by signing up here!" followed by the link works great. It’s not enough to simply leave a link to be
clicked; only by giving consumers a reason to click will you find yourself needing
more chairs for a restaurant on any given night.

Add a Call to Action to
a link that patrons will want to click is the best way to make use of the bio
link, but this isn’t the only place on Instagram that an effective call to
action can be utilized. In fact, every
picture of a happy patron occupying a cafe chair or enjoying a delicious new
dish should utilize a call to action.

links in Instagram posts aren’t clickable. While restaurant owners can put a link in anyway and hope visitors copy
and paste it, this isn’t the most effective way to make a call to action in
posts. Instead, direct consumers to the
bio link. Let them know why they should
take a moment to click this link, and if it’s worth their while, they’ll soon
be on the restaurant’s main site.

Use Compelling Photos for
and every business owner for that matter, need to have a blog on their
website. This type of content marketing
has become increasingly popular among both consumers and businesses over the
past few years. Posting a blog on
Instagram, though, isn’t quite as simple as posting one on Facebook.

overcome this hurdle, restaurant owners should attach

compelling images to their blog posts and then share those images on
Instagram. The image description should
explain exactly what the blog post is about, and if someone is actually
interested in reading it, they’ll become part of the small but important group
that’s willing to copy and paste a link from an Instagram post.

a restaurant owner is just getting started by purchasing chairs for a
restaurant or they’ve already gone through their first set of commercial
restaurant equipment, it’s imperative that they utilize social media. This means being prepared when new platforms
gain attention, and thanks to the popularity of the visual social media giant,
Instagram should now forever be on restaurateurs’ "to-do" lists.