How Restaurants Can Attract Sports Fans

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Sports Fans

Some restaurants aim at attracting specific types of clientele. For culinary entrepreneurs who just want each
pub table and chairs set filled up, though, it becomes a task of attracting
everyone. When it comes down to it, this
includes sports fans, since they’re often celebrating a big win with drinks and
appetizers. Fortunately, there are a
variety of ways a restaurateur can bring in these super fans.

Specific Event-Viewing Parties
Just about every restaurant will have a television—or seven—showing
different baseball, football and basketball games during any given week. These obviously keep sports fans happy, but
it doesn’t make a restaurant stand out among the crowd. By marketing viewing parties for special
events, though, such as the Super Bowl or UFC fights, it’s easy to bring in

When doing this, it’s important to ensure there are enough televisions
around for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, take the time to push the event hard on Facebook and other
social media outlets. Finally, it’s
important to recognize that filling up all the chairs for a restaurant with
these events won’t always be free. It’s
sometimes necessary to buy a license, usually for boxing or UFC, to show a big
event. The cost of this license is often
based on a building’s fire code occupancy.

Sports-Related Promotions
Filling the pub tables and chairs with any demographic is easier when
you can target them with special promotions. Keep this in mind when a big sporting event is about to take place. Is the local college going head-to-head with
their biggest rivals? Offer a discount
to everyone who shows up representing their team with a jersey.

The jersey idea is widely used among sports bars and restaurants who
simply want to bring in more sporting fans, but it’s definitely not the only
effective strategy. Many eateries also
promise to give out a free drink if the local team wins or hold raffles where
fans get a certain number of tickets based on their first quarter score
predictions. Remember that, even if it
costs a few dollars to bring sports fans in, it’s often well worth the

Fantasy Sports or Trivia Nights
Although fantasy football gets the most attention these days, there are
actually fantasy leagues for most popular sporting leagues. This makes hosting fantasy events inside the
eatery a great way to attract die-hard fans. Go the extra mile by offering discounts for those with the most points
at the end of the night if a game is taking place.

Of course, hosting a fantasy event is more geared towards restaurateurs
who understand the game. If this isn’t
the case, it’s quite simple to download some sports-related questions and host
a trivia night. This will help fill up
the restaurant dining tables with sports fans, and if a great prize is offered
for the winner, it’s possible that even non-fans will show up to make a try for

In other countries, pub tables and chairs are almost exclusively filled
with sports fans, and this shows that those establishments have figured
something out. Sports fans are
committed, and this commitment leads to celebration. Every restaurateur should hope that their
eatery is where that celebration takes place.