How Restaurants Can Appeal to Senior Citizens

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Certain restaurants and other businesses strive to appeal to a specific
demographic. In some cases, this may be beneficial
and even save money on marketing. For
restaurateurs simply focused on filling up their restaurant furnishings with
patrons, though, it’s important to appeal to many people. This includes senior citizens, and whether
the goal is to focus solely on older patrons or simply include them in the mix,
these tips should help.

Expand Restaurant Menu Options
In many cases, an eatery will already have foods that senior citizens
enjoy on the menu. After all, many
people enjoy salads, deli meat sandwiches and coffee or tea options, and since
senior citizens enjoy these as well, many restaurants already have these menu
favorites covered.

It should also be noted, though, that older patrons often visit
restaurants earlier in the day. After
all, one wouldn’t expect their grandma to occupy a pub table and chairs with
her friends during happy hour. Since
these patrons come earlier in the day, it’s a good idea to also offer breakfast
options and early bird specials.

Provide a Senior Discount
Flashy d├ęcor and unique restaurant furnishings might appeal to some,
but senior discounts always appeal to baby boomers. Not only is this a perfect way to keep
patrons coming back, but it also serves as a great marketing point that will
attract senior citizens.

By now, countless businesses offer senior discounts, and they do it for
one reason: it works. In fact, it’s so widespread that a
restaurateur will likely get an astonished look if they answer the question
"Do you offer senior discounts?" with a "No."

Focus Where Seniors Are Focused
Eateries that have restaurant dining chairs packed with seniors on a
daily basis usually have one thing in common: they focus marketing efforts towards senior-centric avenues. Is there a local magazine or newsletter that
targets seniors? Advertise in it. Is there a nearby community organization for
seniors? Sponsor them or provide
discount flyers. This is one of the
simplest and most common-sense ways to target seniors.

Look at Portions and Price
As evidenced by the effectiveness of a senior discount, retirees have
learned that saving money is important. This means they’ll be paying special attention to the cost of meals on
the menu. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean
that restaurateurs have to cut into their profits to keep seniors coming in.

As it turns out, senior citizens don’t necessarily look at more food as
a better deal. In fact, they’re very
likely to appreciate lighter meals. This
means that it’s not necessary to drop the prices on current portions. Rather, offer smaller portions at an
appropriate price, and seniors will appreciate knowing they’re getting a good
deal without wasting food.

The baby boomer generation is huge, and they’re slowly making their way
into retirement. This combined with many
senior citizens’ great saving habits means restaurateurs would be remiss to not
focus some of their marketing on the demographic. In the end, this may result in much higher