Holiday Promotional Ideas Every Restaurateur Should Know

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Individuals would be hard-pressed to find an eatery that doesn’t have
an occasional discount or dine-in special. From once-a-week kids’ nights to half-off appetizers during happy hour,
the number of potential promotions is immense. To fill up the restaurant dining furniture during holidays, though, an
establishment’s owner will have to work especially hard at promoting the place. Fortunately, there are several ways to
accomplish this.

Promoting Well in Advance
Every restaurant whose doors stay open during the holidays will be
vying for supremacy. In the days leading
up to a holiday, this means social media, local television, and even newspapers
will be inundated with restaurant marketing materials. To get a jump on the competition, it’s smart
to advertise holiday promotions well in advance.

Some culinary entrepreneurs, for instance, ensure the seating for
restaurants gets maximum use during New Year’s Eve by beginning to promote in
November. By putting at least a few
solid good weeks in between marketing and the actual promotion, patrons will
have plenty of time to plan and hear of the deal. Just make sure to keep pushing the promotion
all the way to the holiday itself.

Get into
the Giving Spirit
It’s easy for a restaurant to "have the holiday spirit"
during Thanksgiving and Christmas. A few
donations to local food banks or toy drives can go a long way at this time of
the year. But when it comes down to it,
other holidays offer giving opportunities as well.

During Memorial or Veteran’s Day, for instance, donations to local
veteran organizations are ideal. On
Easter, sponsoring a local egg hunt might be warranted. Remember that most consumers prefer to
patronize businesses with a sense of social responsibility, and this is the
perfect way to show off that trait.

Previous Guests
While this isn’t ideal for establishments that are walk-in only,
eateries that fill their restaurant dining chairs long in advance through
reservations should contact last year’s guests. This can be framed as a courtesy call, related to their previous
patronage, to allow them to book in advance before seats fill up. This adds a personal touch to holiday

Directly to Local Businesses
Whether it’s Labor Day or Christmas, numerous companies hold
appreciation parties and picnics for their employees. In many of these cases, business owners will
order out or have their event catered. This offers great marketing potential for an eatery.

Take the time to create flyers featuring in-restaurant and catering
holiday specials. Send these out to
local business owners. Even if an eatery
doesn’t offer catering services, they could easily fill up their empty
restaurant dining furniture with local businesses who would rather have small
employee gatherings than large company picnics.

It often costs eateries more to operate during the holidays, due to
labor costs, and if the restaurant dining furniture isn’t
full on these days, revenue can quickly drop. By utilizing the aforementioned holiday promotional tactics, though, a
restaurateur can greatly reduce the chances of this occurring.