Getting to the Bottom of Chairs for a Restaurant

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Puns aside, picking the right chairs for your eatery is a
remarkably important thing. Let me give you a couple of examples. I have a
favorite teashop here in town. It is filled with antique tables and mismatched
chairs from a variety of periods. Additionally, there are several couches, none
of which look new, but all of which are very comfortable. There are a couple of
small tables tucked into corners for an intimate feel, and vintage photos on
the wall.

When I want a quiet, comfy experience, this place always
comes to the front of my mind. Why? Because the owners have made a statement
with the way they have designed the seating. For restaurants, the atmosphere is
just as important as the menu.

At another place I frequent, I’m in and out in quick order.
I don’t have time to sit and relax. I want a clean place, one that offers
plenty of individual seating. This restaurant has been filled with a large
number of bar stools, facing outwards, pulled up to a simple, Formica ledge. I
get my food, I eat, and I leave. The surfaces are easy to maintain and wipe
down, and the flow is designed to move people through effectively.

Why Care About Chairs?

The style of furniture you offer your guests says a lot
about how you want them to experience your food. Comfortable seating encourages
people to stay longer, and that doesn’t always translate into a larger check.
It does, however, translate into a happier diner, and that can result in more
frequent visits.

If you are offering speed and convenience, then comfort is a
detriment. Your customer doesn’t want to fall prey to an easy chair. Sure, your
seats should be accommodating, but they don’t need to be padded or fancy.

Match Your Message

The fact is that when you are designing an eatery you want
to create a cohesive look. For you, that means figuring out what you want
people to experience. Some of the most successful restaurants in the industry
have gotten where they are by claiming a particular style. Chipotle has a
Central American Industrial look, Zio’s a pseudo-Italian flair. When you walk
into a place that has a similar feel, you immediately think – “oh, this place
looks like…”

By branding a look, you make a connection with your guests
right from the start. They know what to expect when they come in, and they will
pick your eatery over others because of how it makes them feel.

Where do you Find Your Chairs?

The best place to find a complete selection of chairs is
your local restaurant supplier. They will not only have many chairs to choose
from, they can help you come up with an attractive and functional seating
arrangement for your space.