Getting Guests to Try New Restaurant Items

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Restaurant Food

eateries are content with their patrons occupying restaurant dining sets and
having the same menu items to choose from constantly.
Unfortunately, never changing up a menu can
make customers complacent, and eventually, they’ll likely head somewhere else
to try something new.
This is why
restaurateurs should periodically offer new menu items, and these tips can
influence patrons to try all the new dishes.

Like Crazy on Social Media
filling the chairs for a restaurant and bringing customers into a new clothing
store aren’t the same, the marketing techniques are interestingly similar.
It all comes down to making consumers think
that what’s happening is a big deal.
a restaurant regular sees a marketing blitz on social media the entire week
before a new menu item is released, they’re going to take note.

the end, this means people will be interested in at least trying the new
In fact, some patrons will make a
special trip just to try out the fresh cuisine.
Just like in every other business, marketing is everything.

a “Limited Time” Price
are one of the best ways to get the restaurant dining sets full, and that’s
regardless of what dish a person plans on having.
By offering a special introductory price on
new menu items, though, restaurateurs can increase the likelihood that patrons
will take a leap of faith in trying something new.
After all, if the price is really great,
they’re not risking much at all.

does a few things.
First, guests end up
trying the new dish and potentially finding a new favorite.
Additionally, the new item gives outgoing
patrons something to look forward to on their next visit.
Finally, there’s a chance that a guest will
absolutely love the dish, and when the introductory offer is over, the higher
menu price won’t likely dissuade their choice.

Servers into Food Advocates
who’s ever been a server has been hit with the question "What would you
recommend?" on a daily basis.
answer is sometimes as easy as rattling off a favorite dish.
Other times, guests want a more in-depth
When a new dish comes out,
though, servers should be focused on promoting the meal.

doesn’t mean, though, that servers should lie about a dish they’ve never
Have servers take a seat at the
restaurant dining tables before the doors open up, and make sure everyone gets
a sample of the food.
This way, they can
offer their honest opinions if they like the meal, and if it’s not their
favorite, they can at least accurately describe what it consists of.

anyone to try something new can be difficult, and this is especially the case
when it comes to food.
After all,
restaurant dining sets are usually filled with people who know exactly what
they want.
By using the aforementioned
tips, though, restaurateurs can get their patrons to be a bit more adventurous
in their cuisine choices.