Fun and Funky Chairs for a Restaurant

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Funky Restaurant

How many times have you walked into a restaurant to see a
fun seating option awaiting you? Let’s face it—most restaurants have pretty
standard chairs. When buying chairs for a restaurant, most people go for the
basic or standard options. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can give your
dining room a whole new look with something as small as a few new chairs.

Funky? What Is Funky?

Funky is described by Urban Dictionary as “something that is
cool or admirable.” Who doesn’t want their restaurant to have that reputation?
Granted, it doesn’t suit every type of eatery to be funky, but if the younger
set is what you are shooting for, funky is the way to go.

Still Stackable

Just because you decide to invest in something fun and funky
doesn’t mean you have to give up stackability. The ability to stack chairs
saves you space, something that is in short supply in most restaurants.
Stackable chairs can be made out of plastic, wood, metal or some combination of
elements. What makes them funky, though, is their design and shape.

Serpentine, Sleek and Sexy

One of the biggest advantages of plastics is that you can
really make them into whatever shape suits your needs. They can also be colored
in just about any shade under the sun. This is perfect if you are striving for
that “funky” feel.

Sleek shapes, those which are sinuous and curvy, or in any
way unusual, are generally viewed as modern and exotic. You can find some of
those characteristics in molded wooden chairs as well, and even in the
occasional metal piece. The key is to think modern and fun, while functional.

Very Affordable

Do you know why many restaurants look and feel old? It’s
because their furniture styles are ancient. You may think that there isn’t much
you can do to make a chair exciting, but you can. Best of all, switching out
chairs is a very affordable way to completely redefine the space you own. When
you purchase funky chairs you can skip purchasing new tables, as long as the
colors are complementary, or you can paint what you have.

Attract a New Audience

Every restaurant owner knows that the key to success is to
keep current customers coming back, while attracting new customers as well. It
is cheaper to maintain a following than to bring in new guests, but a simple
cosmetic change can make you appeal to a whole new audience.

Match up your new chairs with a new coat of paint or a new
color scheme. This gives more bang for your redecorating
buck, yet involves a minimum of work. If you aren’t sure which colors will work
in your space, talk to some experts. Your restaurant supplier can set you up
with the right colored chairs, which are just funky enough, and offer
assistance on how to get the whole dining space ready for customers.