Food and Restaurant Trends That Owners Should Be Watching

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Restaurant Kitchen

Keeping restaurant booths full requires being on top of emerging
technologies and trends.  Being at the
forefront of these things is a great way to outpace competition and keep patrons
coming back for more. Fortunately, these
trends are often visible long before they become mainstream, and the following
progressions in the restaurant industry are undoubtedly what restaurateurs need
to prepare for.

Hyper-Local Hits Hyper Speed
The trend towards sustainability has been going on for quite some time,
but it’s now kicked into high gear in the restaurant industry. It’s now possible to fill up the seating for
restaurants by simply focusing on sustainable methods and hyper-local practices. Getting produce and even meat from nearby
farmers and ranchers can go a long way in creating the sustainable image.

Additionally, people are becoming more drawn to restaurants that offer
craft and house-made items. Is there a
local brewery that makes its own craft beer? Offer it, and go even further. Create popular items, such as pickles, cheese and ice cream,
in-house. These are the type of special
items people like to have available.

Think Outside the Box on Kids Menu
Kids menus in just about every restaurant have somehow become
identical. A child in any restaurant
booth in America can usually expect to have the choice between chicken fingers,
a hot dog, a small hamburger or pizza. As the new "mini gourmet" trend continues to grow, however,
more and more restaurateurs are recognizing the importance of offering
adventurous kids meals.

Depending on the restaurant, these dishes will obviously vary. An American cuisine establishment, for
instance, could offer turkey burgers or frozen chocolate banana chips. Child-sized soups and salads are also
becoming popular. And with the move
towards healthier foods, offering low-fat or vegetarian dishes for children is
also becoming the trendy thing to do.

Social Responsibility in Restaurants
Another great means of getting restaurant booths full is to act
responsibly on a social level. This
involves much more than just getting produce from local farmers. People also want to see eateries actively
engaged in waste management and reduction. Making it apparent that the restaurant recycles and even composts can
attract a whole new clientele.

Additionally, it never hurts to donate items that will obviously not be
used before they can’t be used in-store. Getting involved in local fundraisers, food drives and community events
is another great way of showing off social responsibility. The simple fact of the matter is that
individuals are becoming better and more socially-aware people as time goes on,
and they want to see this from the places they eat as well.

Staying on top of emerging trends is the best way for restaurateurs to
maintain their viability in the local market. Not only will it help them keep up with their competition, but in many
instances, they’ll outpace others in the same industry. All restaurants aren’t going to be
successful, but staying ahead of the curve can definitely increase an eatery’s