Following Trends in Restaurant Furniture

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Restaurant Trends

may not think that furniture can be a trending item when you look at local
restaurants, but it is.
Restaurants are
always redefining themselves, and a change in décor often includes the seating
arrangements and accommodations.
Even in
those restaurants that shoot for the “retro” look, you won’t find your parents’
style of restaurant booth any more.

Can Dictate Some Trends

you may not consider changing out all your restaurant furniture for summer or winter,
there are definite changes that can be made in linens and décor. Warm colors are more suitable for cold
weather months while fresh and bright colors create a lighter look for the

may opt for well upholstered couches on your patio during the fall, nestled
around a fire pit. Come summer you could install small misters, fans and café
tables and chairs. As long as you have the room to store these extras, they can
help you set a more inviting scene all year round.

About a Dining Bar?

many restaurants use their bar space for more than drinks, it make sense to plan
on some spill over. Less formal than the
dining room, eating at the bar may be faster, and allows for an area where
guests are seated in a “first come, first serve” basis. Additionally, children are generally
prohibited in the bar area, offering a real perk to those diners who want to
enjoy grown up company.

for these diners by making sure that at least some part of your seating and bar
tables are comfortable enough to support a full meal. Keep the “just drinking”
crowd restricted to the bar itself and serving will be easy.


of the hottest trends is simplicity. As
long as they are comfortable, guests will be happy. The goal isn’t to win your customers over
with lavish décor or 20 page flashy menus; it is to provide great food at a
price visitors find reasonable. People are returning to restaurant dining, but
they want to feel that you too are being cautious with your spending, not
forwarding unnecessary expenses to them.


it is locally grown food or investment in energy saving devices, guests want to
know what you are doing to help save the earth. One of the biggest changes in the restaurant supply industry is the move
to sustainable building materials. Chairs are covered in natural fibers and tables are made from
responsibly harvested timber or bamboo. Recycled aluminum and repurposed wood have found their way to the dining
industry. Make sure to note your
eco-friendly changes so guests can appreciate your efforts.

is likely that trends will change again as diners return to restaurants in
lager numbers. As they do, industry
experts believe that guests will expect to see a proportionate increase in
spending on furniture and other amenities. Stay on top of industry projections if you are considering a remodel in
the future, so you can be ahead of the wave of new furniture orders, and still
get lower prices. For now, though, just enjoy the flexibility that simplicity