Filling Restaurant Dining Chairs Means Meeting the Customer’s Needs

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Restaurant  Goers

There you are, running the restaurant that you have dreamed about for
years. The only problem is that the customers don
t seem as happy as
they should, nor is your take as good as you want. Seems those restaurant
dining chairs aren
t filling to capacity.

Maybe it is time to talk to your staff about what they are telling the
customers. Eliminate these phrases and you are sure to see a rise in

We Are so Busy Today

Sure, your guests are glad for you when you are full; as long as it
t impact their experience. If your servers or hosts have to tell the
customers that they are getting poor service because you are too busy, they are
not going to be happy. It means their needs aren
t going to be
properly addressed. Have your employees skip the phrase and consider getting a
few extra people on the books.

Would You Like to See Our …”

Whether you are presenting a specials menu, a wine list or a dessert
tray, don
t ask; suggest. When you give the guest an opportunity to say no, they
just might do so. Instead, have the staff make a suggestion.
This wine goes so well with that dish or I recommend our
exceptional chocolate mousse cake with a cup of cappuccino
improves the odds of a sale.

I Dont Know

Guests often ask for information that isnt related to their
dining experience. Perhaps they want to go out for some live music after
dinner. Maybe they need to know where to find a particular type of gift. Sure,
not every employee is likely to be local, but that doesn
t mean they should
fail to serve. If the hostess doesn
t live nearby, she can always ask another
employee. Better than
I dont know is Im not sure but please allow me to find someone who can help.

I Cant Do That

No one wants to hear that they cant have what they
want. If your server is asked for something special, a change to a dish or
anything else, they should never tell the customer that it isn
t possible; even if
it isn
t possible. Instead, have the server offer another option. For
example, if your guests need to avoid a specific food, but what they want is
full of that ingredient, make a suggestion for a dish that doesn
t have the
forbidden item. Can
t give the guest a specific table? Offer another one nearby and
perhaps a complimentary drink. The way to fill your restaurant dining chairs is
to provide a
yes whenever possible.

Running a successful restaurant is a lot of work, and having the right
atmosphere is essential if you want to have satisfied guests. After all, it is
a lot easier to keep an established customer than to attract a new one, and
your staff will make all the difference if they know how to speak with the