Fill Restaurants by Anticipating Trends in 2018

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Your restaurant dining chairs
may be full much of the time, but staying ahead of the trends is particularly
important if you own your own place. In the last few weeks the food industry
has started posting news of the trends it expects to see materialize in the
next year. Let
s look at a few of them.

A Restaurant Booth is a Good
Place for Family Meals in a Retail Store

If you have been fortunate
enough to score a spot in a retail store, then consider targeting a family audience.
Many people have no choice but to do their shopping after work or on the
weekend. By offering them a family oriented setting you create a welcome
respite from the stresses of shopping. Many large retailers are moving in this
direction anyway, so you may as well get ahead of the trend.

Green Food

To fill those tables you want
to make your cuisine appealing to the modern audience. Green foods no longer
just describe the color of the ingredients. Green means
healthyas well as ecologically
sound. Think of how well Chipotle has done by developing the concept of
healthy, responsible food. The way people eat is changing. Gluten free entrees
are common, vegetarian and vegan dishes are increasingly common. Are you
prepared to incorporate these ideas?

Commercial Sized Settings

Rather than thinking small,
think large. The
“food hall” may quickly take over strip
malls and food courts. Large spaces filled with small, artisanal dining
facilities are very successful. Diners will be able to browse for a place to
eat among the many options. Get your restaurant into one of these developing
structures and you are ready to enjoy a unique path to greatness.

Your Commercial Restaurant Equipment

With a move toward healthier
cuisine, it might be time to rethink what is in your kitchen. Rather than using
a large griddle, consider switching to a grill. Look for pieces that multitask
and give you the tools you need to create one-of-a-kind cuisine. Incorporate
the new Asian flavors which are becoming so popular, like siracha, or Middle
Eastern spices like cumin, turmeric and za

Up to Date

For many restaurateurs, the
question of staying with their original menu versus moving with the trends is a
hard one to answer. New flavors come along all the time, and picking and
choosing between them is a challenge. It is impossible to truly know which will
be successful in the long run. Taking a chance is sometime the only way to

If you are unsure of which
direction you want to take your restaurant, talk to your restaurant supplier.
Suppliers keep tabs on trends as they progress and should be able to give you
some idea of what is coming and what is going.