Famous Fictional Restaurants

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MacLaren's Pub

In a world filled with pop-culture envy and emulation, it’s no wonder
that there are lots of restaurants from movies and television shows that we’d
all love to visit!  From iconic diners to
fancy establishments that have become just as familiar to us at the characters
who love to patronize them. Here are
some of our favorites:

MacLaren’s Pub
If you ever watched CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother,” you undoubtedly saw a scene
that took place in MacLaren’s. It was the hub of our group; Marshall, Lily and
Ted even lived above it for the majority of the series. Throughout the seasons, we saw the group
enjoy food & drinks, stories, hardships and triumphs from their well
earned, designated restaurant booth. The
bar was just as much a part of the show as anyone else in the cast and has solidified
its spot in the top fictional restaurants category.

The Peach Pit
As soon as you hear the name “The Peach Pit,” you are immediately
transported to another zip code. “Beverly Hills 90210” was an extremely popular 90’s drama that featured
a restaurant where the gang hung out, worked and spent a good majority of their
time. Everyone would meet up there after
school (or in the later years, after work) to share a meal and discuss what was
going on their lives. The Peach Pit was
more than just a restaurant, it was a huge part of the characters’ lives, and
therefore a huge part of the viewers’ experiences as well.

Luke’s Diner
Oh, to spend a day at Luke’s diner, sipping on coffee and gossiping about the
neighbors; a place where cell phones aren’t allowed and the owners demeanor is
anything but sunny. This one-of-a-kind
diner can be found only within the world of “Gilmore Girls,” a modern classic
drama that speaks to TV lovers of all ages. Gilmore Girls fans can even visit and take pictures of the iconic set on
a WB VIP tour in Burbank, CA – you’ll be hard pressed to find a location any
more famous than that which is featured on its very own tour!

JJ’s Diner

This choice may be a little obscure for some, but if you’ve ever been to
Pawnee, Indiana, then you know that JJ’s diner has the best waffles in the
world – THE WORLD! This famous little
eatery is mentioned quite often on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” by the
department’s fearless leader, Leslie Knope. She is proud of her little town’s diner and isn’t afraid to let anyone
know it’s the best there is. Many scenes
have taken place at JJ’s and even Eagletonian’s have to agree – the food does
look delicious.

The Max
A staple of Bayside High School’s students during the 90’s cult hit “Saved by
the Bell,” the Max was home to some of the shows most recognizable
moments. From the infamous dance
competition where Jesse was “So excited, so excited, so scared!” to a surprise
visit from radio’s Kasey Kasem, it was quite the happening spot for any high
schooler with nothing to do after (or during) school hours.

Which famous television and movie restaurants would you add to this list? Feel free to tell us about them in the
comments, we’d love to hear from you!