Facing the Challenges of Restaurant Ownership

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It takes more than the right restaurant furnishings to make your
business a success. A good menu, attentive staff and a bit of luck are all part
of the process. What other challenges might you face? Research shows that all
food businesses deal with similar issues.

Staff Properly

Your workers dont do the standard 9-to-5 shift. They have to be
available at all hours of the day and night. Since many of your workers may be
employed elsewhere, a bit of flexibility on your part will increase retention
of your better employees. Insufficient staff will lead to slow service and
decrease repeat business.


To fill your restaurant dining furniture on a regular basis you must
pick the right spot. A location that is easy to access and offers guests plenty
of parking is a must. It should also be somewhat removed from your competition.
Too many restaurants serving the same cuisine in a small area will cut down on
s profits. Keep in mind that you might need to change your theme, menu
or other factors to stay profitable.


There are so many things you can do with a menu. Follow trends and
change your entrees seasonally; re-price or reprint menus as necessary. Provide
easy to identify alternatives for people with special diets or restrictions.
Consider taking the additional step of providing nutritional information;
something many privately owned restaurants bypass. Do what you must to keep
your restaurant different and more customer-friendly.


One of the most popular changes occurring right now is an increase in
table-side service. For that, you need the right tables for restaurants. Sufficient room between tables is equally
important, not just if you plan to serve at the table, but also if you want to
offer a bit of privacy. Movable carts are a great way to bring a special dish
to the guest, when the time comes.


Where you order your food from is just as important as when you get
it. Local is in. Making those neighborhood connections may help you to get
those highly prized organic duck eggs or artisanal cheeses. You certainly gain
good press when you can say you get your ingredients nearby. Keep in mind that consistent excellence in
ingredients is even more important than their origin.

Owning a restaurant is a challenge. Even when you get all the pieces
of the puzzle lined up and ready, there is no guarantee that things will work
the way you planned. A flexible nature is perhaps your best tool.

If you aren
t sure where to get supplies, how to create the look you desire, or if
you need equipment, then talk to your favorite restaurant supply
representative. It is their job to stay a step ahead of the trends, and that
can save you from making mistakes that cost you your profit margin.