Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Dining Chairs

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If you own a restaurant, you need restaurant dining chairs;
residential chairs won’t do. Just looking at a selection of dining chairs may
not be enough. It’s hard to tell which chairs are better than others without
getting into the nitty-gritty. Two chairs viewed online may look essentially
identical. How can you decide? Let’s consider the following factors.

1. What is it made of? Chairs can be
made of all sorts of materials, but the most common are wood, metal and
plastic. Each of those materials can be divided into sub-categories; maple,
beech, oak, aluminum, steel and so forth. There is no particular material that
is better than any other. Durability and looks are your key goals when
considering the basic construction materials. You have to dig further to find
out which chairs are worth purchasing with your hard earned money.

2. How was it made – wood? Wood chairs
are usually the most popular, but they are not always what you think they are.
Softwoods are much more likely to break down quickly. Hardwood chairs are a bit
more expensive, but withstand daily use and abuse. Your first clue will be the
duration of the warranty, but that isn’t always a guarantee. To figure out
which wooden chairs are most likely to last, ask about their joints. You want
chairs with a compressed mortise and tenon joint, if at all possible.

3. How was it made – metal? Metal
chairs are rarely entirely made of metal. They may have a wooden or fabric
seat, and the back or armrests may be different as well. Steel is likely the
strongest metal, but it is also the heaviest. Joints are a key point here as
well. Chairs that have nut and bolt joints are going to be weaker than those
which have welded joints. Chairs that are bolted together are shipped flat, so
cost less to transport, but are prone to loosening over time.

4. How big is it? There are few things
as uncomfortable for a diner as having a seat that is too small. Once you have
a line of restaurant dining chairs in mind, take a look at the measurements. A
wider or longer seat and a taller back may offer your guests more comfortable
seating throughout the meal. You don’t want to lose customers over seating

5. How do you get it? Local suppliers
may be able to get your chairs to you quickly, but chances are you will be
shipping them from a central location. How long will it take for your chairs to
arrive? Who will be in charge of unpacking the chairs when they arrive? How
will the packing material be handled?

6. Is it in your budget? At the end of
the day, you have to be able to afford whichever restaurant dining chairs you
picked. This may require you to give up some of the features you really liked.
With a reasonable budget and a bit of research, you can be assured of great
seating solutions