Email Marketing Lessons From Seinfeld For Restaurateurs

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Though there was a lack of cafe tables and chairs in Seinfeld’s
"The Soup Nazi" show, the episode’s titular character is a prime
example of what a restaurateur shouldn’t do. As it turns out, though, there are other great lessons that culinary
entrepreneurs can take from the popular series. In fact, having a Netflix binge on Seinfeld can actually teach
restaurateurs several great lessons about email marketing.

Don’t Be
Like Newman
One of the most iconic characters from Seinfeld was Newman. Jerry’s friend Kramer seemed to be the only
one that could stomach the character’s presence, and anytime he crossed
Seinfeld’s path in the show, Jerry would greet him with "Hello,
Newman" in the most distasteful voice one could imagine.

Other than being Jerry’s mortal enemy, Newman was an annoyance for
showing up far too often and uninvited. This is a mistake that must be avoided when doing email marketing. It’s important for a restaurateur to send out
periodic marketing emails in an effort to keep the cafe tables and chairs full,
but don’t send messages just to send them.

Each email sent out should have a point. There needs to be value within the message
that makes patrons want to open it. Sending out emails "just because" is a great way to keep
restaurant booths empty and be an all-around "Newman."

Not an Architect!
Throughout the run of Seinfeld, George would often claim to be an
architect. This had negative results
more often than not, because he wasn’t being true to himself – or his
brand. When sending out marketing
emails, it’s essential for culinary entrepreneurs to stay true to the brand.

Using a template? Select one
with the company’s colors and add a logo. Is the eatery known for its fine dining? Make sure to include images of beautiful entrees. Branding is everything, for George and
restaurants, so make sure to stay true even in email messages.

Take a
Lesson From The Soup Nazi
The man known as The Soup Nazi is so iconic that his name bears
repeating in this article. In addition
to showing a restaurateur how not to treat patrons, he also teaches a small
lesson about email marketing. In the
show, the simplest mistakes can result in soup eaters being permanently banned
from the restaurant.

This is also the case with email marketing. If terrible tactics are leading people to
mark a restaurant’s messages as spam, then those messages are essentially
permanently banned from that user. In
addition, repeated flagging can result in a restaurant’s emails being
immediately sent to everyone’s spam folder.

Avoid this by using a double opt-in platform to ensure patrons meant to
subscribe, and make sure it’s easy to unsubscribe. Also ensure the messages are worth
reading. Sending notification of an
upcoming promotion can help fill the tables for a restaurant and keep patrons
from hitting the dreaded "Spam" button.

Seinfeld may have been a show “about
nothing," but it certainly didn’t teach the world
"nothing." By following the
examples laid out in the decades-old sitcom, restaurateurs can keep patrons in
the cafe tables and chairs through their email marketing.