Email Is Another Type of Equipment for Restaurant Owners

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When you think of equipment for restaurants, you usually
think of tables, chairs and banquets. There are lots of other things a
restaurant needs to operate. One of the most important tools you have as a
restaurateur is social media, and email should be a huge part of your social

If you haven’t started using email as a marketing tool yet,
then here are several tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Keep Things Relevant – Your messages must be
personal and relevant to your guests. You want to use your email in a way that
makes your customers feel as if they are getting personal attention every time.

2. Make It Valid – You want your customers to
validate your emails so they end up in their inbox, not the spam folder. If
your computer service doesn’t offer authentication services, look elsewhere.

Announce Yourself – Every message you send
should include accurate contact information and branding. Include your
location, phone numbers, email addresses and anything else that your customers
need to get in touch if they want to.

Be Fun – We all get endless emails every
day. Most of them are boring and dry, barely worth opening. Make yours
different. They should promote exciting offers, provide updates, and grab the
reader’s attention. Quality over quantity should be the rule of the day.

Be Relevant – To increase the chances of
having your email opened, use the subject line to catch the eye. If you are
promoting Mothers Day specials, your subject line should state “Mothers Day”
clearly. If you are offering a special tasting menu, let that subject line make
the announcement. Once you have their interest, the rest is easy.

Integrate with Your Social Media Campaign –
Email is only one part of a complete marketing campaign. Social media sites
such as Pinterest, Yelp and Facebook are all great ways to spread your brand
far and wide. The old way to market – postcards and mailers – have gone by the
wayside. If you don’t know how to market online, get someone to help you. 

Of all the equipment you have installed in your restaurant, you might think that the computer is the smallest piece, but without it you have no way of connecting with your customers when they are not in the dining room. Don’t underestimate the power it has to make your business a success.