Ditch Traditional Dining Sets for New Locations

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Sports Bar & Restaurant

When you planned to start a restaurant, Im sure you spent a long time making sure everything was
perfect. Every detail, from your restaurant dining sets to your uniforms, came
under review. That is why you are successful at this point. If you want to
continue to grow and tap new markets, it might be time to take your business on
the road.

Hitting the Game

Sports patrons are no longer satisfied with hot dogs,
hamburgers and soggy nachos. They want real food. More than that, they want
really good food. That is where you can shine. You have a captive audience at
such events, and if you can get a spot at such a venue, you can bring in a
whole new set of diners.

Planning Your Menu

Leave your dining room at home and
head out to the park with a custom painted food truck. Then, take into account
your potential customers. Pick four or five of your signature items that can be
easily adapted to a hand held format. Too many choices will create more work
for the staff and slow service down as people struggle to decide.

Inventory Control

Because you will be negotiating for a season long contract
with whichever venue you plan to approach, you need to consider how you will
store food between events. That might mean having a conversation with your
restaurant supplier. Your supplier will be able to help you determine what kind
of appliances you will need in your new food truck; refrigeration units,
grills, ovens, etc.

Whatever you leave behind during the week will need to be
stored securely. Fresh produce can be purchased just before an event, to keep
quality high. You can also control inventory by revamping the menu as the
season draws to an end, so you don
t have to store as
much during down times.


If you have been to a sporting event and noticed people
walking around with food, you will have surely seen that branding is as much a
part of this game as anything else. Specialty cups, containers that are clearly
printed with your logo and even freebees are an essential part of taking your
food to the people. This may require you to invest in some new products, but
the marketing effect is more than worth the additional expense.

Staffing It Right

The final piece of the puzzle is the staff. The pace at
these events is fast and furious, followed by lag times. You need a group of
people who works together well and is capable of cranking up their performance
when needed. They have to be flexible and create a positive experience for both
new and returning guests.

Remember, if this works out, those new guests may seek out
your brick and mortar location, giving you the chance to fill those restaurant
dining sets night after night.