Creating the Perfect Ambiance for Your Restaurant

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Restaurant Bar

Every restaurateur knows that having good food and pleasant employees
won’t always be enough to get people in restaurant booths.
Visitors have to thoroughly enjoy their
experience, and this includes an ambiance that keeps their attention and makes
them want to return.
Fortunately, the
type of cuisine a restaurant serves and even the physical traits of the
restaurant don’t have to dictate the atmosphere that the eatery provides to

Focus on Lighting
While many restaurateurs don’t recognize it, lighting plays a crucial
role in the appropriate ambiance being experienced by diners. It’s important to note, though, that the
right lighting choice won’t be the same for every company. While one restaurant might be perfect with
rows of dimly-lit restaurant booths, another might benefit from lights that
fully illuminate the dining area.

A restaurant aiming to provide a romantic and elegant ambiance, for
instance, might opt for candlelight or grand crystal chandeliers. A trendy organic or "green"
restaurant might do better by focusing on natural light by letting in lots of
sunlight and using window treatments or blinds to reduce glare when it’s
especially bright out. The point is that
lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a restaurant.

Restaurant Furniture
Restaurant furniture is also a relatively important consideration when
trying to create a certain "feel" within the confines of a
restaurant. While the aforementioned
elegant restaurant might not look right with furnishings based on a pub table
and chairs that match, it might be absolutely gorgeous with cafe tables and
chairs, or even bistro chairs. 

While different furnishing styles work better for different
restaurants, it’s also important to find a restaurant supplier who offers a
variety of different options. Restaurant
dining tables aren’t all created the same, and a supplier who has a large
variety will be more likely to have the furnishings that are just right for a
particular concept and ambiance.

Displayed Artistry
While not every restaurant concept will be great for artwork, rarely
does having art displayed hurt the ambiance of the dining area. It’s simply important to pick the right
medium and type. After all, a restaurant
that’s perfect for a Salvador Dali piece is likely far different than an eatery
properly displaying a Renoir-style scene. 

While there are countless types of potential art choices, most fall
within two distinct restaurant categories. Sophisticated restaurants would likely do better with large oil
paintings that bring the entire room together. Restaurants featuring a more local feel, however, will likely look much
better with folk art of all types.

Staffing Decisions
A restaurant’s staff is exceptionally important to an eatery’s
ambiance. A romantic Sicilian
restaurant, for instance, will often do well with a staff that’s very attentive
while remaining unobtrusive. Restaurants
that have louder environments, meant to convey exciting times, would do better
with employees who enjoy interacting directly with the customers. Fortunately, most professional food and
beverage employees can wear the hat that’s requested of them.

A great idea, great concept and great food can only go so far. Fortunately, the right ambiance in a
restaurant can go the rest of the way. By focusing on these important environmental factors, it’s possible to
take a restaurant concept to the next level.