Commercial Restaurant Equipment You Need in Your Kitchen

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Restaurant Equipment

No matter what type of restaurant you own, you will need
some basic pieces of commercial restaurant equipment to succeed. However, if
you are starting your first venture, you might not know what to purchase. Not
to worry, we’ll give you a basic list and you can turn to your restaurant
supplier for specific ideas for your style, size and goals.

The Absolute Basics for Cooking

There are some pieces that every kitchen needs. These
include a scullery sink, a hand sink, an ice machine, prep table, convection
oven, refrigerator and a freezer. Each item has a crucial role to play, and
without at least one of each you can’t run a restaurant. Of course, if budget
and space allow, additional prep tables and cook spaces are a great investment.

New or Used

This is a question many restaurateurs face when opening
their doors. When you purchase new equipment you know that no one has used and
abused it before you have it. You will enjoy the full warranty period and you
have an opportunity to get the top of the line or the most energy efficient
appliances available.

Used equipment can be in excellent shape. Since many
restaurants close within their first year, their equipment is still in great
condition. These pieces are cleaned, typically serviced, and then resold for a
fraction of their original cost. This can represent a huge savings, leaving
room in the budget for other items, for example, nicer dining room furniture or
better décor.

What Else Do You Need?

The list of things you need to open a restaurant is
seemingly endless. This will include linens, tableware and glassware, bar ware,
serving implements, service items, restroom items, janitorial materials and on,
and on. All these things need to be budgeted for. There are many lists
available, either online or from your supplier, that will help you to ensure
that you have everything you need on opening day.

Why Commercial?

By this point you are probably asking yourself why you need
to buy commercial restaurant equipment instead of cheaper residential pieces.
The answer is simple enough, commercial equipment is built for the hard use of
a restaurant kitchen; residential equipment isn’t, and will break down in very
short order. Residential equipment is not designed for ease of cleaning, nor
does it offer the size and control you get with professional grade pieces.

To maximize your buying power, you really need to talk to,
and work with, a professional restaurant supplier. They can provide you with
both new and used equipment, help guide you towards which items are worth
buying new, and make sure that your purchases all fit within your budget. That
way, when you show your potential chef around the kitchen, they will see
everything in order and ready to go. And let’s face it, it only takes a few
seconds to make that first impression.