Buy More than Tables for Restaurants from Your Supplier

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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Sure, you can stock your restaurant dining room by contacting a
supplier. It
s easy, whether you want one table for restaurant use, or a whole room
full. But, did you know that you can also invest strategically in new kitchen
equipment and cash in on all sorts of incentives?

Rebates Abound

Energy-saving equipment is your best friend when it comes to the back
of the house. This holds true for everything from refrigeration units to
washers. All you have to do is look for that Energy Star label and you are in
the right place.

Energy Star, or the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, is a group who
sanctions all sorts of appliances. Equipment is constantly updated, as are
lists of equipment that qualify for an Energy Star rating. By purchasing items
with superior ratings you save in two ways; rebates and utility bills.

Energy Star has a webpage, the
Commercial Food Service Equipment
Incentive Finder
, where you can find out which appliances
qualify for rebates. You will also be able to access all sorts of fact sheets,
case studies and recommendations that will help you to save energy every day.

Since one of your biggest expenses is the cost of utilities, switching
to more energy efficient appliances makes sense that way too. Your water,
electricity and gas bills will all be lower.

Cash in on Your Commercial Equipment Purchase

To really make the most on your purchases, start by checking out which
appliances pay you back best. Deal with someone who is familiar with the
challenges of balancing energy efficiency and effectiveness. Then, make sure
that the rebate you are seeking is still in effect.

Keep all your paperwork and make copies. What do you need to do to qualify
for that rebate check? Can you scan things in and send an email? Do they still
require you to send originals by mail? This brings up the question of how much
time you will need to set aside to fill out forms. Maybe you can hire someone
else to do it for you while you spend your energy running your restaurant.

Partner up with the manufacturer and finance company to
pay for performance. Utility companies and local governments sometimes pair up with
commercial manufacturers to offer low-rate or even zero-rate loans for
efficient equipment. You might even be able to pay for your new toys with the
savings that appear on your utility bills.

How Much Can You Save?

Of course, the real issue here is the bottom line. Just how much will
you save by investing in newer, more efficient equipment? It is estimated that
you will see a 10% to 30% reduction in price when you work through tax credits
and rebates, and that doesn
t even take into account the money you save on
the monthly utility bills.

So, contact your supplier and find out how much you can save, not just
on your furniture, but also on your kitchen hardware.