Brighter Colors Popular for Restaurant Furniture Booths

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Restaurant Booths

While many traditional restaurant furniture booths have been
dark colors, or at best neutrals, today restaurateurs are turning to brighter
colors to add some pizzazz to their floor space. Surprisingly, red is a hugely
popular color, especially when fast food is on the menu; orange, green, and
even blue are turning up as well.

No Feng Shui Here

People already associate red with feng shui because it is
believed that the color inspires the life force and fame, good luck and even
courage. It is not, however, associated with food. The reason that red works well in restaurants
is that it actually repels your customers.

Red stimulates conversation, raises the heart rate and
causes unconscious excitement. When people get excited they are less likely to
sit still. Using red as an accent color or as the seat material in your
banquets will encourage your guests to eat, and leave. When your goal is
volume, this is an ideal situation.

To avoid irritation, eliminate a very bright red from the
palate. Terracotta, muted reds, even pinks or burgundy can work as well.

Orange Busts on the Scene Too

Orange makes people happy. They feel more cheerful in a
space that has orange accents all around. A perfect example would be to place
orange restaurant chairs in a sweet shop. The guests will experience less guilt
and more joy while indulging in their favorite treats. Orange is also
associated with vegetarian cuisine, so consider mixing orange into your palate
if you serve meat-free diners.

Blue Is for Bars

Blue isn’t a color that stimulates the appetite, but it does
stimulate thirst. What better color could you use in your bar area? That might
be why bar signs have been blue neon for so long. Of course, blue is also
appropriate if your restaurant has an aquatic theme. Blue is relaxing if used
in softer hues, and it can encourage guests to purchase more drinks.

Earth Tones Are Tony

Neutral colors, especially those from natural woods, are
perceived as “green.” That’s great if you are trying to promote a more
eco-friendly image. As long as the wood colors are bright, you get a casual
feel which is perfect in the fast food arena. For formal settings, dark brown
and black woods are more suitable. Woods are easily adapted to any theme; add
aluminum or chrome for a modern feel, leather for traditional, and so on.

Creating the right balance with bright colors can take a bit
of work. You might even want to bring in a consultant, someone familiar with
interior design. Using the right colors in the correct measure, and in the right
environment, will do more than just encourage your guests to eat or drink more;
it will give them a bright and beautiful place to do so, and that’s just plain