Booths for Restaurant Promotion

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When most people think about booths for restaurants they
think about units that sit against the wall and accommodate large numbers of
diners in relative privacy. Those booths are undeniably useful when it comes to
feeding people. I love the feel of booth seating when I go out to eat at a
casual place. Tucked away in a booth, I get a bit of intimacy with whomever I
am dining; friend or family.

But, have you given any thought to the booths you can use
when you take your company on the road? If you want your brand to grow, you
need to get out and make use of trade show booths as well.

Special Events, Maximum Opportunities

The competitive nature of the small, local restaurant is
undeniable. To get maximum recognition you have to take your message, and menu,
to the people. The easiest way to do that is to participate in local events.
Special events can span the gamut from sports activities to Halloween
festivals—and picking the right place to spread your wings is critical.

Start by thinking about functions that you would like to
join. Then, match them up with the type of food or ambiance you currently
feature. Are they a good match? A bar would probably not do well as part of a
kids “fright night” on Halloween, while a dessert shop may want to avoid
fitness fairs. You get the point.

Next, design your show booth to promote your brand in style.

Your Booth and What it says

A great booth design will grab people’s attention and get
them to give your food a try. You generally have three to five seconds to catch
someone’s eye as they pass your booth. Create a slogan or tag line if you don’t
have one already. Use attractive pictures to help people taste things with
their eyes even before they are on the plate. Drive people to your website with
an easy to remember address.

Keep a small section of your booth set up with computers.
They can be used to gather information about potential guests. People will give
you their contact information if you offer them something they want; a free
meal for example. Anyone who provides their contact information may be entered
to win a free meal or other perk. This
provides another way to put your brand front and center.

Promoting your restaurant in a variety of venues can only
help to increase business. Involvement in community events puts you in a
positive light right away. Participation in benefits gives you the kind of halo
and positive reputation that will draw in additional guests.

Once they have made it through the doors, make sure to seat
them in a comfortable booth. For restaurants, few things offer as much bang for
the buck, seating wise.