Best Mobile Apps for Restaurant Owners

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Restaurant Mobile App

In the restaurant world, being up to date on technological advancements
is just as important as having great food when it comes to filling up the
bistro chairs. This is nowhere more
apparent than in the huge push towards digital marketing. Fortunately, mobile apps put the latest
technologies right into people’s hands, and these apps can greatly improve the
lives of restaurant owners.

Hootsuite for Restaurant Social Media
Social media has become exceptionally important for promoting
restaurants. From sharing pictures of
patrons sitting at outdoor restaurant furniture enjoying drinks to posting
recipe ideas, social networks are integral to the restaurant-patron experience.

Unfortunately, the numerous platforms that people are now using also
means social media can be time consuming for someone trying to make their
restaurant successful. Fortunately,
Hootsuite can reduce this load. The app
makes it easy to manage all social media accounts, including their scheduling,
in one convenient place.

NoWait Helps With Restaurant Wait Lists
For restaurants that occasionally have wait times, the NoWait app can
be a blessing. Instead of calling in and
taking up an employee’s time, patrons can check wait times for the restaurant
on their mobile device. They can even
put themselves on the list prior to arriving at the restaurant. Whether they just need a single bistro chair
to enjoy their lunch break or adjacent tables for a party of 10, NoWait will
make patrons and restaurant owners’ lives easier.

ChowNow for Online Ordering
For restaurateurs who are ready to offer online ordering, the ChowNow
app is the way to go. It allows patrons
to view an eatery’s menu right inside the app, and when they’ve decided what
they want, customers can also order via ChowNow.

Once this is done, the order is sent to an app-equipped mobile device
at the restaurant, and employees can let people know when their order will be
done via the app. It’s much easier than
taking calls or having individuals take up space at bar tables while placing
and waiting for to-go orders.

The Suggestion Box
One of the most underutilized pieces of equipment for restaurant owners
is the suggestion box. Countless
eateries have them, but how many patrons actually use them? Fortunately, The Suggestion Box app can nip
this problem in the bud.

Instead of hoping that guests fill out a little form, employees can now
hand them a mobile device to rate their experience while their credit card is
being processed. Better yet, placing a
stationary tablet near the register will influence customers to share what they
really think. This information is vital
in making a restaurant better.

They say that there’s an app for everything, and as far as restaurant
owners can tell, this is an absolute truth. From reducing wait times to simplifying social media, there’s not much
that can’t be done via everyday mobile devices. The future is now for restaurants, and mobile apps are making that
future all the more promising.