Attracting New Restaurant Customers While Keeping Your Regulars

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New Restaurant Customers

are always involved in a balancing act between keeping regular customers happy
while drawing in new guests.
How can you
encourage brand loyalty and make the changes necessary for you to keep up with
industry upgrades?
Figuring out how to
negotiate this maze is just one aspect of good restaurant management.

New Trends

the hottest trends in food service is that of bringing “street food”
indoors.  In order to compete with the
diverse cultural palate offered by street vendors, Omni Hotels and Resorts has
initiated a campaign called Simply Street Food. The menu, served during the
chain’s Flavors of the World promotion, has really taken off. It has been so
successful that Omni has extended the run through June, rather than removing
the selections in March, as planned.

inclination for faster service and more casual options is sweeping the
industry.  Well known casual dining
restaurants are suffering, as consumers have less money and less time in the
current economic situation.  Faster,
easier and less expensive is the slogan of young families on the go. Bar tables
facing windows, outdoor restaurant furniture and other easy going seating
arrangements address the needs of such guests.

a bit of irony, another common trend is dining nostalgia. If your restaurant
has been around for a while and your numbers are dropping, maybe it’s time to
look back.  Can you redesign your space
with restaurant dining tables that harken back to the days when you opened?  Perhaps resurrect a few of the traditional
recipes as well?

a Personal Experience

keeps people coming back as much as good service and one of the things that
signals good service is remembering your regulars.  Even as you attend to the new trends in the
food industry, you want your repeat guests to keep coming in.  That can be as simple as remembering their
names and their favorite orders. 
Retaining your staff will go a long way towards that goal, but teaching
everyone how to use mnemonic devices will help too.

a culture of welcome at your restaurant, and whether you are constantly
revamping the space and menu, or you stick to nostalgic favorites, your
customer base will stay strong.

Off-Peak Perks

the morning rush is over, how do you make your coffee shop profitable?  Between meals, is there a way to draw in
additional business?  Restaurant
furniture can help you do both, if you leave a little room for casual

who work on their laptops during the day, students busy with their studies and
friends getting together for a quick hello prefer seating which is comfortable
and roomy.  Set up a couple of casual
nooks, offer off-peak specials and it won’t be long before you draw a new
customer base.  You can use the same
seating in your waiting area during peak hours and get double duty out of it.

new trends seamlessly will help your business thrive and remain relevant, but
don’t rush to let go of those things that are already successful in the name of
progress; nostalgia has its place too.