Attracting Larger Lunch Crowds to Your Restaurant

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Most restaurants find it easiest to fill up their café tables and restaurant booths on Friday nights, but having one good day out of the week isn’t enough to pay the bills. Some of the slowest times, especially if there’s tough competition in the area, occur when people are leaving work for their short lunch breaks. The ability to pick up business during these times can make up for slower hours throughout the week, so the following are a few ways to attract larger lunch crowds.

Offer Lunch Specials
Whether the menu says “Lunch Specials” or “Happy Hour 11-2,” the underlying point is that people are getting a deal during lunchtime. This is one of the best ways to get a guest at every café table during the midday hours, and thanks to the widespread use of this tactic, many restaurant patrons have come to expect it.

While this may result in lower revenue per dish, it’s important to remember that it will also bring in more business. Additionally, it’s okay to tweak the dishes a bit so that serving sizes are smaller during lunch hours. Just make sure to note this fact on the menu and not go too overboard.

Utilize Great Signage
From small diners to large national chains, eateries across America have taken to using outdoor signage to attract guests. These signs should have something that associates with the brand, but what’s really important is telling people about the specials and staying visible. Let people know why they should come inside, and there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll do just that. Additionally, keep in mind that even small, free-standing signage can accomplish this.

Strive for Speed and Efficiency

Most people who show up during the lunch hour aren’t looking to occupy a bar table for a few hours. In fact, many of them want something quick that they can enjoy and then get back to the office. Therefore, it’s imperative to have simple lunch options that don’t take long to prepare and get out to the customer.

If someone knows that they can get in, sit at a café table, enjoy their meal and then get back to work within their lunch hour, they’re more likely to frequent the restaurant that offers the opportunity. It’s also important to make sure that servers and cooks are on task. When patrons realize they can trust an eatery to get them in and out, they’ll surely come back.

Take Free Samples to Local Businesses
Everyone loves getting something for free, so why not take advantage of that fact and take samples to local businesses? There’s a good chance that not every worker in the area has visited a particular restaurant, but if the owner shows up one day with sandwich samples, they’ll create a form of customer loyalty with someone who has never stepped through their eatery’s door. This small investment can pay huge dividends.

While these lunch-focused strategies might not fill the café tables up every single day, they’ll certainly drum up additional business. It may turn out that one of these tactics works better than others for certain eateries, so learning this fact and adapting can go a long way.