Are Motor Scooters the Newest Piece of Equipment for Restaurant Owners?

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It is no surprise that there are all sorts of pieces that
fall into the realm of equipment for restaurants. From tables and chairs to
ovens and ranges, restaurant equipment is the bedrock of a successful
operation. However, many restaurants are finding out that a successful delivery
system is becoming equally necessary. It may not be long before every
well-known eatery needs to have a fleet of scooters waiting out back.

Technology Takes the Lead

We have already seen how technology is taking over other
businesses such as taxi services and take-out dining. With a simple app, guests
can order a meal and set a time for pick up. How long will it be before they
can use the same kinds of apps to order dinner from any restaurant that is
willing to provide a delivery? Apparently, not long at all, since this is an expanding market in many
foreign countries already.

Many established brands have already instituted delivery
programs abroad. Rather than losing a sale when a guest can’t make it in, they
send their food out by courier. Predominantly seen in fast food chains, at this
time, fast casual restaurants are also taking up the gauntlet. With a small
additional charge added on, hungry people can order food from one of several
locations and have it delivered to their door. All of this is being made possible by new ordering technology.

Don’t Compete with Chinese Take-Out

The goal here is not to put your company in competition with
those restaurants that already deliver. They already have their business model
in place. Instead, target those millennials who really enjoy using tech for
everything they do. Also, consider that you don’t really have to go it alone.

If you can get together with several other local business
owners who are interested in the same service, you can create a separate
business that has a small fleet of drivers to provide deliveries. They grab
food from your restaurant, two others, and make a quick trip out to drop off
the food before returning for the next run. Some restaurants in San Francisco
have already made strides in this direction.

What More Do You Need?

While scooters or other vehicles are essential in any
delivery business, there will be more equipment for restaurants that you will
need in order to get your food to the customer properly. Serving containers are
obvious, but powered cool or hot boxes will be necessary for the food to remain
at the right temperature. Carry-bags, branded gear and specialized menus are
also likely.

You will need software or an app that will allow people to
order, no matter where they are. Mobile credit card devices may be useful for
customers who want to pay when the food is delivered rather than over the phone
or online. There are lots of little details that should be considered when
branching into the delivery business, but your restaurant supplier should be
able to help you figure them all out. After all, they know about much more than
just tables and chairs.