Adjustable Seating for Restaurants Jumping on the Tasting Menu Trend

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Tasting menus have made a big stride forward in popularity.
Some high-end restaurants are charging hundreds of dollars for the privilege of
attending. The extent of the menu, how many wines are paired, and where the
meal is served all factor in to the final price. However, that doesn’t mean you
can’t join the trend even if you aren’t serving "the one percent.” With
adjustable seating for restaurants and a solid concept, any restaurant can join
the fun.

The Right Seating Makes the Difference

Chances are that even if you do get on the tasting menu
bandwagon, it will only be a small fraction of your usual dining. You may
select specific dates on which you will host such events, but on most days you
will welcome guests as usual, and seat them regularly. For that reason,
investing in multiple large tables is impractical, but you do want some way to
bring together your guests when you are serving that large-scale tasting

How is such a feat possible? Bring smaller tables together
and cover them all with one cloth and consider investing in a large plywood
sheet to really create a unified surface. Once the table is covered no one will
know what lies beneath the table cloth.

Maintenance Is Important

In order to be able to bring your smaller tables together
without having uneven areas, you will have to engage in regular table
maintenance. All the feet need to work properly, so you can adjust the height
of each side of the table independently. Table tops will need to be straight as
well, or the gaps will become obvious. If you have more tables than needed for
this larger area, then you might want to mark the ones you will be using in

Why Create a Large Table?

Think of the ambiance of a dinner party. Everyone is
gathered around one table. This makes the event more special, and more social.
While you can have a tasting menu and serve it to each individual table, the
best way to make something really special is to create a special environment
too. A larger table celebrates the meal in a way that smaller, individual
tables can’t.

Get the Word Out

Once you have made arrangements to ensure elegant and fun
seating for restaurant guests, it is time to let people know. Plan several
weeks ahead, advertise the event properly, and then let all those who have
signed up for the party enjoy being with others who have the same passion for
food. With the right lead time your chef can really delve deeply into the
dishes. Wines can be matched perfectly. Each course will complement the one
before and the one after.