A Restaurant Booth is Perfect for Diners

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Restaurant Furniture

Family diners used to be the standard dining space for groups and, of
course, families. They are a place where all sorts of people can sit down in a
restaurant booth and enjoy each other
s company. It is a way to have a family meal,
without the work involved.

Picking the Right Restaurant Furniture Booth

So, what type of booth do you want to have in your restaurant? It all
depends on your d
écor. Think about
how Village Inn redesigned themselves as the family diner a few years ago. The
colors changed, not just on the furniture, but all over; carpets and walls as
well. The larger booths and
Fifties colors helped them redefine their brand.

Booths come in a variety of sizes. You can seat as few as two or as
many as eight with a corner booth and a couple of chairs. It really is a matter
of how you want people to dine, and what kind of clientele you wish to attract.
Small booths equal intimacy and privacy, while larger ones imply a

Color and Style

Most booths are covered with smooth vinyl. The advantage here is that
vinyl can come in just about every color. That means it is easy to match a
theme you have in mind. Do you want something retro that hearkens back to the
s heyday? Tufting and vintage options are most appropriate. If you are
looking for a modern appeal, go with unadorned booths with metal accents.

Mix Up the Size

Most booths come in single or double varieties. The double has seats
on both sides, whereas the single has them on only one. This lets you end a
booth right up against the wall, so you lose no usable space. You will need a combination
of booths to fill your whole space. Keep in mind that singles generally need to
be secured in some capacity if they are out in the middle of the floor.

Some Tables for

Not everyone wants to sit at a booth. They can be hard to get into and
out of. They are also somewhat restrictive for larger diners. By placing booths
at the outer edges of your dining room, you can maximize the number of usable
booths, and then place tables in the center. People can sit wherever they
prefer, and you get to make everyone happy.

No matter which booths you pick, it is important that you keep up with
their maintenance. Have regular inspections of the vinyl surfaces, and clean
them with the right cleaners. The wrong cleaners can dry out vinyl, causing it
to crack and peel. Small tears are easily repaired; however, larger ones may
require a complete reupholstering.

Booths are the perfect accessory for your diner, and they offer
families a place to get together and enjoy a good meal, without having to do the