5 Website Mistakes that Restaurants Must Avoid

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Promoting a restaurant has come a long way over the last century.  What was once usually only done by word of mouth is now accomplished through social media and other online tools.  Of these tools, one of the most important is a restaurant’s website.  A few simple mistakes could result in an eatery’s cafe chairs sitting empty, but fortunately, these are quite easy to avoid.

Failing to Provide Online Ordering

One of the biggest mistakes restaurateurs make is creating a website that serves as nothing more than a fancy flyer.  Sure, having the eatery’s contact information, location, and even photos of delectable dishes is essential for getting people in the restaurant booths, but more is needed.  Not everyone likes eating out, and a restaurateur who doesn’t offer online ordering is ignoring an entire subset of potential patrons.

Using Background Music

While some restaurant owners feel that classy music on their website’s background just adds to the experience, they couldn’t be more wrong.  People are simply looking for a bit of information; they don’t need to be serenaded.  Add this to the fact that it makes the website load more slowly and has the potential for embarrassing patrons when the sound unexpectedly comes on, and it becomes obvious that music could leave those cafe chairs empty.

No Restaurant Blog

A restaurateur’s ability to write or publish great content has no effect on how amazing their cuisine is.  However, if they’re not providing this great content, they’re harming themselves in the marketing world.  Content marketing has become an absolute necessity when promoting any business, and having a blog on the website is the simplest way of doing this.  Whether it’s a drink recipe for those who are staying in tonight or a list of benefits patrons get by utilizing the outdoor restaurant furniture during summer; it’s simply imperative to have a blog, fill it up, and share it on social media.

Missing Social Media Buttons
This is a simple one.  A restaurant’s website needs to have social media "buttons" which link to their Facebook, Twitter and other social pages.  This little bit of cross promotion can go a long way.  

Still Using Flash
At one point in the evolution of the Internet, Flash was the king of the hill.  There wasn’t much that couldn’t be done with this great technology.  Unfortunately, it seems that innovation has outpaced Flash in many respects.  Websites that utilize the format, for instance, won’t even load on some mobile devices.  In addition, the technology is slow, and those added few seconds could be enough for a patron to settle on another eatery.  HTML5 can now accomplish everything that a restaurateur could want for their website, and it does this without all the traditional problems of Flash.  

There are few steadfast rules when it comes to making a restaurant successful, but messing up the website is definitely a quick way to hurt the establishment.  The aforementioned mistakes are some of the most common, but luckily, they’re also some of the most avoidable.