5 Tips for Purchasing Restaurant Furniture

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Gathering Table

You could easily spend days looking over all the different
types of restaurant furniture that is available. Different sizes, different
materials and all sorts of seating options can quickly overwhelm the shopper.
If you follow these five tips, you can skate through the process with relative calm
and success.

  • Determine
    Your Needs:
    Before you even consider looking at furniture, figure out what
    you need. Take a look at your square footage; decide what kind of spacing you
    want, how traffic will flow and what additional pieces you need. If you want to
    have several server stations scattered around a large floor, plan for that. If
    you would like to have a combination of booths and individual tables, figure
    out where to put them, and how large each should be.

  • Confirm
    Your Budget:
    This is always a good idea, and not just when you are
    purchasing restaurant furniture. Figure out exactly how much you have to spend.
    You may give yourself a range rather than a specific figure, but never exceed
    your maximum limit. It is very easy to get carried away when you find something
    that really sings to you, but if you go over budget here it will affect all
    other areas of operations.

  • Check
    Chances are, there are several suppliers you can use to get
    what you need. Some will be local enough so that you can visit their location
    and see exactly what is available. Others will be online. Often, those online
    will have better prices for the same equipment, because they can avoid overhead
    associated with brick and mortar storefronts. The only way to know if a specific
    place is worth considering is to check references. Either speak to other local
    restaurateurs or get online and look for reviews.

  • Pin
    It Down:
    While there is likely to be some difference in prices between one
    company and another, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Ask about
    bulk discounts if you are purchasing a lot of restaurant furniture. How long
    will it take to get your shipment? How is it delivered? Who is responsible for
    set up? What happens to the trash? All these details are important to you, and
    they help you get a better idea of which deal is really the best for you in
    your circumstances.

  • Get
    It is easy to be tempted by furniture that is not meant for
    restaurants, because it looks like it is less expensive up front. What you don’t
    know is that any furniture not made specifically for use in restaurants is not
    going to hold up to regular use. In the end, purchasing cheaply made
    residential furnishings will cost you a lot more than investing in real
    restaurant furniture.

following these simple tips, you can feel confident that the restaurant
furniture you purchase will live up to your expectations, year after year.