5 Steps to Finding the Best Restaurant Furniture

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Are you ready to make your furniture selections? How far
along in the process have you gotten? If you are starting your search, then
follow these five steps to get exactly what you want.

Set Your Budget

It is an unfortunate truth that we are susceptible to
purchasing more than we can really afford. That holds true for restaurant
as well as just about everything else in life. Part of learning how
to run a business is learning how to handle money, and that means setting up a
budget. How much can you realistically afford? How many tables do you need?
Figure out the per-table cost and stick to it.

Keep in mind that you will need more than just tables. You
will need tray stands, a podium for your hostess, drink stations, and more. All
those things will need to be accounted for.

Find a Restaurant Supplier

While it is true you can find dining room furniture at the Goodwill
or even your local furniture store, you don’t want to go that route. The
furniture that is designed for homes is not nearly strong enough to withstand
the daily abuse it will suffer at your restaurant. Commercial grade restaurant
furniture is designed specifically for the work they do; provide comfortable
seating day after day.

For the best selection, you need to find a restaurant
supplier. This will give you the best selection as well as access to the best prices.

Figure Out Your Style

There are certain types of furniture that are best suited to
specific environments. For example, you wouldn’t want to put bar tables in a
steakhouse, nor would Asian furniture go well with Mexican cuisine. What do you
want your restaurant to say when people walk through the door? If you aren’t
sure, your restaurant supplier can help you to define the style of furniture
that would suit your establishment best by asking questions and getting a feel
for your goals.

Assess Your Space

Now that you have an idea of what you want your place to
look like and how much you can afford to spend, draw a floor plan. You need
room for guests and servers to walk around. You should plan for some
flexibility in seating arrangements if you have a large group. Can your choice
of furniture accommodate your potentially changing needs?

Pick the Right Materials

Materials are critical when designing your dining room. You
want everything to be sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and
wear. Laminated woods, high grade melamine, or Formica are all good choices,
but there are many materials you can pick. Metal is great for outdoors and
granite or other stone may be best if you regularly set down hot serving

With the right style, materials, and sizes, you will be
ready to serve anyone who walks through your doors. Best of all, your furniture
will last, proving itself to be a good investment that saves you money in the
long run.