5 Essential Features for Every Restaurant Website

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Restaurant- Website

An eatery could have the finest restaurant dining sets and best tasting
food in the entire city, but if they don’t get noticed online, these factors
might not pay dividends. One of the most
important aspects of a strong online presence is a great website. And when it comes down to it, the following
features are absolutely essential for any restaurateur’s little corner of the

Mobile Responsive Restaurant Websites
Keeping those restaurant dining tables full could rest squarely on just
how mobile-friendly the establishment’s website is. Most people accessing the Internet are doing
it via mobile device now, and this means that a restaurant’s website must be
viewable and user friendly from smartphones and tablets. In many cases, a potential patron will move
on to another restaurant if they can’t easily navigate an eatery’s website to
find needed information.

Social Media Integration
More people than ever are interacting with restaurants and other
companies via social media, and, in reality, these sites can reach customers
far more easily than a website. Fortunately, it’s easy to guide individuals to a restaurant’s social
media pages via its website. Providing
"social buttons" on the restaurant’s main page will lead users to
social media where they can see pictures of those awesome restaurant dining
sets and perfectly delectable meals.

Always Up-To-Date Information
Much of the information potential patrons will get on a restaurant
comes from sites like Yelp and Urbanspoon. These sites, though, usually get their information from the restaurant’s
actual website. This makes it essential
to always have up-to-date information on store hours, address, contact
information and even menu items. Plus,
Google looks kindly upon websites that occasionally update their information to
reflect changes.

Email Sign-Up Option
Social media sites are essential to a strong online presence, but
Facebook algorithm changes have hit restaurants hard. Businesses just don’t have the same reach
that they once did on the social media giant, so it’s become even more
important for restaurants and other companies to utilize email.

Several, if not all pages on a website, should have an email sign-up
form. This will allow restaurateurs to
alert patrons of specials, and even if there’s nothing particularly special
going on during a given week, an occasional email will keep the restaurant at
the top of people’s minds. This way,
those restaurant dining sets might get consistent use after all.

Providing Restaurant Menus Online
This may be one of the simplest and most useful uses of a restaurant
website. New potential customers may
want to know what an eatery offers before coming in, and those who already
enjoy the restaurant may just want to remember what’s available to place a
pick-up order. While these to-go orders
might not get people sitting at the bar tables, it will keep the revenue coming

Running a successful restaurant requires much more than great ideas and
delicious dishes, and failing to recognize the importance of digital technology
in this success is a great way to fall behind. Fortunately, this isn’t rocket science. With just a few simple updates and design changes, any restaurateur can
have the perfect website.