5 Benefits of Offering Free Wi-Fi in Restaurants

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Culinary entrepreneurs try just about everything to fill up their restaurant dining chairs. When it comes to the act of providing free Wi-Fi, however, it seems as if only regional and chain establishments make the effort. Restaurateurs often cite pricing as an issue, but in reality, the benefits that come along with offering free Wi-Fi in restaurants are numerous. These are just a few of those benefits, and even these are enough to justify the cost.

1. Customers Spend More Time
Starbucks didn’t gain popularity so quickly because of its fancy café chairs. One of the main reasons the franchise caught on was because it offered free Wi-Fi to its customers. This meant customers would come in, order a coffee, work on the internet and then buy more coffee or snacks while sticking around.

This same concept can be used to keep the restaurant dining chairs full. A person who wants to save their data might opt for a dessert or stick around the bar tables longer for another drink. The chance for loiterers obviously exists, but studies have shown that half of all restaurants see an increase in revenue after offering free Wi-Fi.

2. Brings in New Patrons
No one likes sitting alone in a restaurant. A recent survey, however, found that over 50 percent of respondents were fine doing this if free Wi-Fi was offered. Even if they’re alone, they can easily socialize on social media while dining solo. Free Wi-Fi in restaurants will snag those customers who don’t want to be bored when they’re out alone.

3. Standing Out from Competition
There are thousands of restaurant dining chairs a person can occupy, even in a small city. Because of this, it’s necessary to really stand out from the competition. If food, service and ambiance are all equal, a person is likely to opt for the dining experience that lets them enjoy the World Wide Web without decimating their data plan.

4. Email Marketing Opportunity
Just because a restaurateur offers free Wi-Fi doesn’t mean they have to get nothing in exchange. Various restaurants, including international giant McDonald’s, have a splash page where people have to accept the terms of use before being allowed to surf the Web. If an eatery sets up their own splash page, they can offer a promotion in exchange for the patron’s email address. This opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities.

5. Customer Tracking
Offering free Wi-Fi creates a few customer tracking opportunities. To start, the restaurateur could have the network set up so they can track how long a specific device was on their Wi-Fi connection. This allows them to see how many people were using the service and how long they stuck around. Another method is by setting the eatery’s website as the main homepage after signing in. Not only can these visits be tracked later, but it provides an opportunity to offer a promotion to the diner right on their phone.

Offering free Wi-Fi in restaurants may have startup and continuing costs, but the numerous benefits involved are sure to fill up the restaurant dining chairs. If even a few of these advantages are realized at the end of the day, the expense for the service will certainly be worth it.