4 Ways to Cut Costs at a Restaurant

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Busy Waiter

From finding spiffy-yet-affordable restaurant dining tables to
utilizing "go green" techniques, restaurateurs are always looking for
ways to reduce their overhead costs. There’s little doubt that running a restaurant can become expensive, but
the myriad of cost-saving methods out there can definitely assist in the drive
to save money. Fortunately, many of
these methods are easy to implement.

Work With the Restaurant Supplier
Every restaurant has to buy certain items, and many of these come from
their restaurant supplier. From deep
fryers to restaurant dining tables, these suppliers provide plenty to the
eateries they work with. As it turns
out, though, a restaurateur can actually reduce these costs. Suppliers are usually okay with reducing
their prices for those who purchase more from them. This means restaurateurs who use multiple
suppliers or purchase small amounts at a time can save money simply by changing
how they spend.

Go All In With Social Media Marketing
Restaurant owners have to use a variety of marketing tactics if they
hope to be successful. Unfortunately,
some of these individuals think that spending exorbitant amounts of money is
the only way to get people’s attention. In reality, focusing heavily on social media can be just as effective as
expensive pay-per-click or television-spot campaigns. Any restaurant owner can post to their social
media page, and although it’s smart to learn a few "best practices"
tips before going all in, social media can easily cut marketing budgets down to

Reevaluate the Menu
There are many things that hold true in the restaurant industry, but
one of the most obvious is that successful chains occasionally change their
menu. Sure, this could be because they
don’t want people to get tired of certain dishes, or the owner might just want
to adorn the cover with photos of the new cafe tables and chairs they’ve
brought in.

More likely, though, restaurateurs simply know that change is necessary
to save money. If a certain dish isn’t
doing as well as it once was, maybe it’s time to remove it. Do certain items do well during one season
but not another? It might be prudent to
have seasonal menus. In addition, those
sitting at the restaurant dining tables will always have something new to try.

Utilize Guerrilla Tactics
Although patrons are none the wiser, restaurants use guerrilla-style
tactics to cut costs all of the time. Has the price of certain foods gone up? Many restaurateurs will just pull out smaller plates so that portion
sizes look the same even when reduced. Don’t be too dramatic, though; dropping from a 12-inch to an 11-inch
plate should be sufficient. Another such
tactic? Giving a patron a new glass for each drink, because the enzymes in
human saliva prevent foam from forming when pouring beer. Filling to the top means higher alcohol
costs, but that space-occupying foam taking up space means it takes less beer
to fill a mug.

Filling the restaurant dining tables up is important, but if the eatery
is spending too much to keep them full, any profits can easily be used up
covering expenses. Make sure to utilize
these cost-saving tips whenever possible.