4 Ways Restaurateurs Can Hold On to Good Employees

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Restaurant Manager

cuisine and seating for restaurants are all important factors in having a
successful eatery. One often overlooked
component, though, are restaurant employees. These workers are sometimes treated as if they’re easily replaceable,
but the truth is that it’s hard to come by really great food and beverage
workers. Fortunately, there are a few
ways restaurateurs can hold on to their best employees.

More Than Mistakes
an unfortunate fact that many employees rarely receive recognition from their
superiors until they make a mistake. This simply won’t do. This
creates an environment where the best employees feel as ignored as the
restaurant furniture, unless they’re being reprimanded for an error.

a patron compliments a server, make sure to point it out. When an employee picks up a shift to help out
a co-worker, let them know it’s appreciated. This is a simple step that could brighten a worker’s entire day and make
them feel appreciated. Do whatever it
takes to acknowledge good work.

Monthly Sales Goals
has a bad night, and unfortunately, the restaurant industry can ensure that
these nights occur consecutively. This
can leave a great employee sitting in a restaurant booth at the end of the
evening, wondering why they’re even in their current line of work.

restaurateurs can keep their workers motivated by offering monthly sales goals
with rewards. Instead of a night or two
ruining everything, great employees can work towards a successful month. This will increase motivation and decrease
the overall negative effect of bad nights.

a Break Area
space in a building is often simply used for additional seating for
restaurants, but if at all possible, a restaurateur can increase the likelihood
that good employees will stay on by creating a fun or relaxing break area. Even if it’s just a small room where they can
read a story or check their social media between shifts, it could be enough to
keep stress levels down.

Them More Responsibility
are employees who will stay with a restaurant for five years and never want to
be on the management team. This doesn’t
mean, though, that they don’t want additional responsibilities. Some of the greatest servers out there have
left the industry solely because they became bored.

over a bit of responsibility, such as training or opening/closing the
restaurant, can help keep things fresh for good employees. Giving them the chance to shine in ways
they’re not accustomed to could be just what it takes to keep a great worker on
board for the long haul.

packed seating for restaurants may look great, but it simply won’t last without
great employees to keep patrons coming back. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor. By simply recognizing the contributions put
forward by great restaurant employees and responding appropriately, a
restaurateur can ensure that they hang on to their best employees for as long
as possible.