4 Unique Discounts That Every Restaurant Should Offer

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80's Night

After filling an establishment with the tables and chairs for a
restaurant, it becomes necessary to get people in those seats. Unfortunately, this is sometimes easier said
than done. For especially enterprising
restaurateurs, however, there are a few secrets that can lead to success. Offering discounts is a definite way to get
more guests, but these unique discounts will also get an eatery noticed.

Drop the Fine Print
Countless restaurants have begun offering coupons through "daily
deal" websites, and these coupons have one thing in common with the
majority of discounts out there: fine
print. Maybe reservations are required
to get the discount. Maybe there are
blackout dates. Maybe the coupons can’t
be used for carry-out.

In the end, these restrictions often end up annoying people. And if a person fails to realize that the
discount doesn’t apply to them until after they enjoy their meal, a huge fuss
can be expected. Drop the fine print on
discounts, and customers will stay happy.

Time to Play Dress Up
Restaurateurs across the country have realized that having themed
nights is a great way to get people in the doors. Obviously, though, no one turns away business
if a patron doesn’t show up in their "80’s Hard Rock," "Island
Paradise" or other themed attire. To increase the likelihood that guests will play along, and enjoy their
experience more, it’s not a bad idea to offer a discount for those who play the
part on these nights.

Eyes off the Phone
In late 2013, news broke that a restaurateur would begin offering a 50
percent discount for customers who did one simple task while they were dining
in his cafe chairs: turn off the phone. Sure, 50 percent off will fill up the chairs
for a restaurant quickly, but keep in mind that it’s okay to offer a slightly
lower discount. With that in mind,
though, why would anyone do this?

The way this unique restaurateur saw it, getting people in his
restaurant wasn’t enough. He wanted them
to enjoy the dining experience, but since nearly everyone looks at their
smartphones, texts or makes calls these days, he felt the experience was being
detracted from. He was right. Customers who put away their phones will
enjoy their experience even more, and this will keep them coming back. Oh, and the press from such a discount never
hurts either.

Guest of the Month
Another underutilized discount idea is offering a "Guest of the
Month" discount. Allow guests to
fill out small cards with their information, including email, phone number and
address, and have a drawing once a month to see who wins. The winner should be treated to a free meal,
and the restaurant could even have their name on a little interchangeable
plaque placed up front. This will keep
patrons coming back each month for their chance to win.

All of the restaurant booths in the world mean nothing if they’re not
full. Fortunately, these unique
discounts can accomplish just that.