4 Key Elements to a Compelling Restaurant Advertisement

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Restaurant Kitchen

are an abundance of techniques restaurateurs can use to get customers into
their eateries.
From providing outdoor
restaurant furniture to making their establishment more child-friendly, the
possibilities for improvement are endless.
To really get people sitting at the cafe tables and chairs, though,
effective marketing is needed.
should include a variety of strategies, but knowing how to make an effective
restaurant ad is one of the most important aspects.

images in a restaurant ad are extremely important, and they should convey the
atmosphere that exists in the establishment. If it’s a fancy restaurant, a picture of the high-end presentation of a
dish, the chef working hard or simply patrons dressed in their finest attire
can send the right message.

an eatery is meant to be a more relaxed environment, this can be conveyed by
showing people having fun or even using humorous imagery. In either instance, though, make sure that
all ad copy, images and other ad features are properly aligned to look professional.

images are important, the headline of an ad will be the first thing people see,
and this could be a deciding factor in whether or not that extra outdoor
restaurant furniture will be filled. Headlines need to hook potential patrons immediately, otherwise they’ll just
move on to something more impressive.

headlines should be memorable, but they should also be short and sweet. Margo Bistro in Boston, for instance, had an
ad that said "People have gone through hell to eat here." 321 East in Elgin, IL went a little longer,
yet still effective, with "Last week a man who was choking on a piece [of
steak] refused the Heimlich maneuver." Catchy and memorable.

Colors Wisely
focusing on specific colors may seem pointless, the truth of the matter is that
different colors have different effects on an individual’s psyche. The difference between an ad with lots of red
or lots of blue could mean the difference between having those pub tables and
chairs full or empty.

orange, red and other warm colors actually induce hunger, so restaurant
marketers often use them in their ad copy and on their menus. Blue, on the other hand, creates a calming
effect that can reduce an individual’s appetite. For restaurateurs who don’t want to focus on
color, though, black and white is always a safe bet.

a Call to Action
booth furniture isn’t going to fill up just because a restaurateur created an
impressive looking ad; they need to provide a reason for people to come in as
well. And no, a fancy picture of food
and a great headline isn’t always enough. A call to action should also be used in order for an ad to be effective.

not being used in online marketing, a call to action can simply provide
reasoning for a person to visit. This
could mean informing potential patrons of specials that are held on certain
nights, or maybe just pointing out that a band will be playing, or that karaoke
will be happening. Whatever it is, just
make sure there’s a reason for people to swing by.

ads are just as important, if not more so, than other marketing campaigns for
an eatery. When restaurateurs focus on
the aforementioned key aspects of these ads, they’ll increase the likelihood
that people will show up. If successful,
they might not have wasted money on that outdoor restaurant furniture after