4 Creative Ideas for Restaurant Video Marketing

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Content marketing has become one of the most utilized methods of
advertising in business today, and restaurant owners have responded by focusing
on blogs, search engine optimization and other forms of inbound marketing. And while many restaurateurs realize video
marketing is important, they may struggle to come up with ideas. Fortunately, these video ideas can help get
those restaurant dining sets full.

Cover Neighborhood Events
Getting involved in neighborhood events is a great way to be noticed,
but uploading videos involving these events can really get the word out. Whether a restaurant is supplying cafe chairs
to a local Greek festival or is simply situated along the boardwalk for
Savannah’s St Patty’s Day celebration, getting out there and filming is

This will show locals and tourists that the restaurant is involved in
the community. Even better, it will
increase the number of keywords that lead directly to the restaurant’s website
or social media.

Customer Interviews
When potential patrons are deciding on a local eatery to visit, they
come across a variety of choices with different online spaces. If a restaurant’s “little corner of the
internet" involves videos of happy customers touting how great the food
is, that’s all the better. Ask a few
patrons if it’s okay to interview them while they’re occupying the restaurant
dining sets. These short chats could pay
huge dividends.

Tour of the Kitchen
One thing restaurant diners enjoy as much as great food is getting
behind-the-scenes access to places they’re not allowed. Fortunately, this makes a quick video touring
the back-of-the-house area ideal. Chat
with the cooks and even take a moment to show how "fan favorite"
dishes are prepared.

Sure, the restaurant chair and table sets out front might look nice,
but guests realize that’s only the face of the operation. If they can also see a nice, clean and
professional looking kitchen, they may feel privy to restaurant secrets and be
more comfortable in returning consistently.

Create Instructional Videos
If an online searcher were to type in "how to repair a
transmission," there’s little doubt that they’d find a video created by a
business focused on auto repair. Companies know that people want information, and when they meet this
need, they increase their exposure and become "thought leaders" in
their industry.

This is as true for restaurants as anywhere else. Videos could include a kitchen sequence
entitled "How to Make the Perfect Steak Marinade" or simply be shot
at a restaurant dining set and uploaded as "The Proper Way to Fold
Napkins." When individuals learn
something from a restaurant, they automatically assume the eatery knows its

Video marketing was once nothing more than creating a television ad to
increase name recognition and inform the public. Now, however, it’s geared more towards
providing real value to potential customers. Instead of telling people "Hey, you want to come here,"
restaurateurs can now make patrons seek them out. And in the end, video marketing makes this
much easier.