4 Common Mistakes That Kill a Restaurant From the Start

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The necessary equipment for restaurant owners to be successful, whether
it’s literal equipment or less tangible factors like marketing strategies, is
the same for all restaurants. Yes,
different eateries will have their own flavors that contribute to their
success, but the common mistakes that can destroy a restaurant from the start
are the same. That’s why every
restaurateur should avoid these potentially career-ending errors.

Restaurant Permit, License Issues
Forward-thinking restaurateurs have almost everything planned out in
advance. From the type of bistro chairs
in the establishment to the "feel" of the social media pages,
everything is thought out beforehand. Sadly, even these restaurateurs sometimes don’t fully consider the
amount of time getting the right permits and licenses can take.

The simple truth of the matter is that it’s rare for liquor licenses,
build-out permits and other necessary legal documents to be ready on time. Whether it’s because local offices are backed
up or bureaucrats are purposefully trying to slow things down, things can get
hairy. This makes it important to plan
for delays—because reneging on something customers expect is a quick way to
cause long-term resentment.

Choosing a Poor Location
Having the best equipment for restaurants out there, combined with the
best service, cannot make up for a terrible location. Many restaurateurs think that their food,
unique branding idea or some other feature specific to their eatery will
overcome being in a bad location.

Sadly, these restaurant owners usually find out the hard way that they
were wrong. It’s hard to be successful
when running a restaurant, and choosing a bad location to start up or open a
new location can make it that much harder.

Depending Fully on Word-of-Mouth Marketing
With more and more millennials reaching adulthood, word-of-mouth
marketing is gaining traction as an effective tool. Unfortunately, it’s still not at the point
where it can be depended upon entirely. Restaurateurs need to plan for a marketing budget.

Marketing is as essential as stocking the establishment with great
restaurant furniture, and failing to have a marketing plan which reaches out on
many fronts can quickly cause an eatery to go under. Whether it’s community involvement or social
media marketing, it’s important to consistently get the
word out.

Lack of Time Commitment
It’s far too often the case that a budding entrepreneur will get their
needed equipment for restaurants, hire seemingly good employees and then just
expect things to work on autopilot. This
is not the way things work. A successful
restaurant will need a huge time commitment from the owner right out of the
gate. Maybe once things settle down a
bit, it’ll be possible for the restaurateur to take some time off — but it
will be an uphill battle getting to that point.

Running a successful restaurant is nowhere near the easiest thing in
the world, but the aforementioned mistakes can ruin the concept almost at the
grand opening. From upsetting potential
patrons to failing to establish a presence in the local market, these errors
can have long-lasting effects. Fortunately, they’re not unavoidable, and dodging them will undoubtedly
increase a restaurateur’s chances at success.