4 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Restaurant Mobile Apps

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any given moment, patrons sitting in the restaurant booths are likely playing
on mobile apps while waiting for their meals. Consumers and businesses alike
have found great ways to utilize these mobile programs, and many major
restaurant chains have their own. As it turns out, restaurant mobile apps can
also provide benefits for smaller eateries. While they’re not right for
everyone, having a mobile app does come with a few benefits.

Loyalty Programs
all the restaurant marketing practices in the world, running a loyalty program
is undoubtedly one of the most powerful. Unfortunately, keeping up with these
can sometimes be difficult. Many restaurants have phased out punch cards due to
potential fraud, and keeping up with how many times someone has visited an
eatery via email can get murky.

a mobile app, however, this can all be simplified to the point where Advil
isn’t even needed. Whether it’s a patron’s first time in the restaurant
furniture or they’re nightly guests, they can immediately start the loyalty
program with just a swipe of the screen.

Customer Satisfaction
are always trying to improve their customers’ satisfaction, and fortunately, a
mobile app can pull this off. It’s possible to create restaurant-themed games
within these apps for the kids, allow patrons to order from their phones and
even provide the ability to pay right from their restaurant booth via mobile

of these things take away the feeling of being rushed while in a restaurant.
And while this is certainly a benefit for guests, it can also speed up table
turnover time as the app expedites the entire process and allows the next party
to take a seat.

Location-Based Marketing
an individual who is driving around town trying to figure out what they want
for lunch. There are several places they enjoy, but they just can’t figure out
the best bang for the buck. Suddenly, as they’re approaching a certain
restaurant, a notification is received on their phone offering a 15 percent
discount if for dining in within the hour.

futuristic imagining is actually already reality. People’s phones are always
connected to the internet, and if they have a restaurant’s app on their device,
a “push” notification can come through when they’re within a certain distance
of a restaurant. In the end, they’re likely to be at the bar tables of the
eatery that reached out via mobile app.

Take Reservations
are a multitude of apps out there dedicated to filling up restaurant booths by
taking reservations. As it turns out, though, most people don’t have these on
their phones. This is why restaurateurs should consider making “Place
Reservation” an option on the mobile app.

doing so, they already have a selling point to get current patrons to download
the app. At that point, consumers will get access to all the other features
they may not have known about. Add this to the fact that
it reduces calls during peak times to reserve a table, and it’s essentially a
win-win for everyone.

benefits are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to restaurant mobile app
benefits. As stated before, though, branded apps aren’t necessarily right for
every eatery. For those just starting out, an app is a luxury that won’t likely
be useful for a while. For owners who consistently have full restaurant booths
and are looking to improve, though, they might just be the way to go.