4 Benefits of Third-Party Restaurant Delivery Services

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The first culinary entrepreneurs to think beyond filling up their restaurant dining sets by offering delivery services undoubtedly did well in their market. These days, restaurants that deliver are a common sight, and they have a distinct advantage over their more traditional counterparts. With the advent of third-party restaurant delivery services, though, every eatery can bring meals right to their customers’ doors. Restaurateurs who aren’t already using these services should consider the benefits.

1. Employees Can Stay Focused
If you schedule correctly, you will have just enough staff on board to get things done on any given night. When people start calling in for delivery—or take out, if delivery isn’t available—an employee has to stop what they’re doing and take the order. Many restaurants schedule someone to focus on this aspect of the establishment, but this just results in higher labor costs.

Fortunately, third-party delivery services take the orders and typically send them over electronically. This means no more phone ringing off the hook when your bar tables are packed and guests are waiting for restaurant dining sets to open up.

2. Get Discovered by New Customers
If you’ve ever utilized a third-party restaurant delivery service yourself, you probably discovered a few eateries that you’d never heard of. This is one of the great marketing potentials of these services. Someone who has never even been within a 3-mile radius of your establishment could suddenly discover you while searching around online. This can ensure you get at least one chance to really impress a potential new guest.

3. Makes Things Easier for Customers
If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s convenience. And as it turns out, this is one of the main benefits of third-party restaurant delivery services. There’s the obvious fact that patrons won’t have to wait on hold to place an order or leave home to pick it up. On top of this, though, third-party companies allow customers to save their payment and order information.

This means, if you impress them the first time, they can reorder in just seconds. And who knows? Maybe they’ll eventually get out of the house and utilize your restaurant dining sets and bistro chairs firsthand.

4. Increased Revenue
While increased revenue seems like a given when you’re reaching more customers, there are naysayers out there who claim they don’t see much improvement. They blame the fees for this lack of increased revenue. In reality, this is often just a symptom of a bigger problem: they partnered with the wrong service.

Restaurants who work with Grubhub, for instance, actually saw an average increase of 30 percent in sales during their first year. Choosing the right company to partner with is essential. If there is only one service in your area, don’t be afraid to try them, and drop them if you’re not getting what you expected out of the partnership.

From purchasing new restaurant dining sets to implementing a solid marketing strategy, running a restaurant can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, third-party restaurant delivery services can help in this endeavor. You’ll reach a larger clientele and remove some of the hassle from running the eatery, and in the end, this is often all a restaurateur can ask for.